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Candidate for the position of Mount Clare Site Rep

Image for Jake White

Jake White

I will strive to continue ensuring Mount Clare is heard and listened to.

I have grown to love Mount Clare over the last 3 years of living here. A big part of living at Mount Clare is that you meet people from all over the world and get given the chance to listen to all sorts of ideas, some of which have improved Student Life here. Our students here are dynamic, friendly, creative and above all, community-spirited. 

Who am I?

My name is Jake White, I am currently site rep of Mount Clare having won the previous two elections. I will be going into my 3rd year of Business Management here in September. I am an out-going and welcoming individual who will always make time for you no matter how small the issue might seem. We are still severely unrepresented here at the moment and my plan is to change that.

Why Vote for me?

If elected again, I know that I will continue to devote myself, my time and the resources available to me to keep creating a better environment here at Mount Clare. I will ensure that that my full attention is focused into making Mount Clare, Froebel and the University a more welcoming and inclusive environment.

What would I be aiming to achieve if I became site rep again?

  • Permitting the regulations regarding social distancing, our regular BBQ’s plan to take place when the weather is suitable. These are often accompanied by music and laughter and are very enjoyable for students.
  • Sustain Improved Facilities, last year most notably the washers and dryers were out of order very regularly. When a complaint was made it could take up to a couple of weeks for issues to be fully rectified. I planned on reducing this to a maximum of 24 Hours and achieved so. Therefore, I plan on continuing to improve and sustain the quality of the facilities.
  • 1-1 Drop in Sessions – These last two years I have listened to and helped hundreds of students, ranging from emotional, social, and personal problems. Students confide in me and everything talked about is confidential.
  • A Darts board in the common room. 
  • Refurbishment of areas around Mount Clare. The common room, external paintwork on other blocks as well as on Mount Clare house (the accommodation office) needs attention in particular and in and around Picasso.
  • Propose the introduction of vending machines which accept contactless payment.
  • Social Events will be set up.
  • Regularly updated noticeboards/ calendars detailing University Events.   
  • Meet regularly with the Vice President (Community & Welfare) to provide updates on matters relevant to students here at Mount Clare and to discuss ideas for new events, activities, campaigns and initiatives.
  • Regularly establish contact and regular meetings with Froebel Head of College and elected college president to discuss Mount Clare issues.
  • Ensure the interests of the students at Mount Clare are being represented to Froebel College and at the students’ Union Council (SUC).
  • Create awareness of the students’ union and lead campaigns on issues that are relevant to Mount Clare.