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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Community and Welfare)

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Ilinka Jevtovic

Goals that you will invest time and effort in. Dreams become achievable after you made something.

My name is Ilinka Jevtovic and I am a first-year student at Roehampton University. 

I believe in myself to aid students who seek help. For the role of Vice President, It is a big responsibility, however, giving a new experience opportunity I am willing to step forward in the hope to help the student community of Roehampton University. Being a student myself I can say from experience that having someone who will hear my voice helps greatly in knowing I am not ignored. 

Giving to step up and the development of further leadership skills would help in the role of a good student and opportunity for helping Universities have a good image.  In the past, during the time when I was in Year 12 and 13, I offered my support for a range of activities in the school. 

  • From librarian volunteers

  •  Assisting teachers and students during their lessons ( business, drama, math and languages). 


Bringing myself to be part of the community, for this time, I want to step further and contribute my focus and hard work as Vice President of Community and Welfare.