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Candidate for the position of Black Students' Officer

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Sharon Omonor Azams

Shake Things Up With Sharon.

About Me 

Hello everyone! My name is Sharon and I am a second year Biological Sciences student. You may recognise me as the VP of the BAME society, spearhead of the film society's Black Film Festival, member of the Mental Health First Aid network, or even my IGTV series 'Racism 101'.

What Will I Do

Black Representation

- Black Film Festival. I aim to bring back the Black Film Festival back next Black History Month. My intention is to display films with a predominantly Black cast, that does not glamorise black trauma or suffering. Our stories deserve to be heard! 

- Black History Month. Daily posts on social media for Black History Month. From highlighting young Black activists, sharing Black history and more - there will be something to learn every day for the month of Black History Month!

- Book Club Students will read the same book for the duration of a month and come together via an online forum to disucss it. In this, we would be able to share another Black narrative and have positive representation of Black stories. 

- Student of The Month. I would like to introduce the Black Student of The Month in order to highlight the achievements of Black students and encourage others to pursue their goals - whether it be academic or not.

Mental Health

Mental health awarness and de-stigmatisation is incredibly important to me. As a Nigerian, I know that the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness is still prevalant in a lot of Black communities. I aim to break this stigma down through initiatives like:

- Check Ins. At an appointed date and time, students can drop in to me for a a chat or to discuss how they are doing. Sometimes, you may feel more comfortable discussing how you are feeling with another Black person, so I hope to be that person for you. 

- Panel Discussions about "mental health in Black communities", "how to spot the signs of someone struggling with mental health", "how to unlearn unhelpful thoughts about mental health" and more. 

Black Student Engagement

- Increase student involvement in events through the use of social media initiatives and promotion.

- Encourage Students to Use Their Platforms. No voice is too small to make a difference, I hope to hold workshops about youth activism and how to use your platfrom to spread awareness, network and strengthen your skills.

- Allow an Open Dialogue about what YOU would like to see available. I know that you may feel like there is nothing that stands out for YOU to join, or they may be a particular service that the University does not provide. I promise to work tooth and nail to provide this to you and will be open to hearing from you.