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Candidate for the position of Black Students' Officer

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Messaline Toure

Hey, I’m Messaline Touré, a third-year student and I’m running for the Black student officer position.

I have been the social secretary for the women's rugby team for the past year now. However, I didn’t have enough opportunities to plan events due to covid-19 restrictions. Therefore, I was limited and was not able to showcase my talent and explore my full potential. I do believe that I have the ability to plan events that’ll cater to Black students and bring them together. One way I’d do that would be by having a “round table talk” which can be held on Instagram or any other online platforms so that everyone can be included from the safety of their home (and in person if the restrictions are lifted). The talks would include topics like racial injustices at school and it would focus on learning and teaching different ways to create a safe environment in the community. It would be led by students who’d be able to share their experiences.

I’m also open minded and would love to collaborate with other students to get ideas, understand and improve their experience at the university.


  • Plan events that will contribute to the professional life of Black students once they graduate (through mentorships, resume workshops, mock interviews…)
  • Promote the inclusion of black students in sports and extracurricular activities
  • Ensure that the Black students voices and complaints are heard and actions are taken
  • Educate students and staff on black history and its implication on how it affects Black students