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Candidate for the position of Trans Students' Officer

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Beck Alcock

Educate, celebrate and support trans voices.

Hi, my name is Beck and I am running for the position of Trans Officer as I am trans myself, and I am incredibly passionate about the views and rights of trans* students and people in general. 

The past year or so has been particularly difficult for trans people, through constant attacks by the government and media, as well as the usual struggles of the public expressing harmful opinions on our right to simply exist. I believe that this can, and will, change. 

If elected, I would:

Listen to all trans* students' concerns and opinions and present them to the student union.

Improve education of trans issues and identities within departments, especially when relating to trigger warnings and gendered language used.

Ensure that the university remains a safe space for all trans* and queer students to live and study in comfortably. 

I think these aims will have a positive impact on the community, both in the university and in general society, as the change in society starts small. When we all come together to support and accept each other, the bigots lose their majority, changing society for the better. When we fight, we win: we have a voice, and I intend to use it.

Thank you for reading my manifesto, and feel free to get in contact with me at my email: if you have any questions or simply want some support or a fellow trans person to talk to! I'm here for all of you.

Beck (he/him)