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Candidate for the position of Muslim Students' Officer

Image for Sana Siddique

Sana Siddique

Stand by your Sister, Your Voice Matters!

Do you want to see change throughout the Roey Muslim Community? Do you want your voices heard?

Hey Roehampton, hope you’re all safe and well! My name is Sana Siddique and I'm a 2nd year Biological Sciences student. As the current Muslim Students’ Officer, I have gained and developed the skills and knowledge needed to fulfil your needs. As part of my current role, I will be attending the NUS Liberation Conference where I will be representing all our African, Arab and Asian Muslim students – an amazing opportunity to work on campaigns with students from all over the U.K.! Through this experience, I can work together with the university and RSU as we deserve more than what is provided at this current time to fulfil our needs!

If I were re-elected, I will continue to make sure your voices are heard and have events going on throughout the year to get everyone involved in university life. I will also collab with other societies, such as ISOC, Ahmadiyya Society, Arab society, Chaplaincy Team and Part Time Officers, to hold events and work together to make sure student life for all our Roey Muslim students is the best it can be! I have started building a community for Muslim students by reaching out on social media like Instagram and WhatsApp group chats. Below are some of the manifesto points I want to work on throughout the year if I were to be re-elected:

Ramadan Events:

During the Holy Month, working with the RSU, Chaplaincy Team and the societies, I want to spread awareness of Ramadan. As a multi-cultural, multi-religious community, I believe this is one of many opportunities to learn about other people’s religion and culture – Ramadan Awareness Week is a fabulous way to spread the teachings of Islam and knowledge about Ramadan. I will also be planning other events throughout the month.

Discover Islam Week:

I strongly believe this week is essential for all students as is an opportunity for the growth within all groups all groups, come together and spread awareness about Islam and Muslims and share their experiences throughout life. Working alongside our Muslim Chaplain, RSU and societies, I will bring you events and amazing activities throughout the week.

Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha and Islamic New Year Events:

We have Christmas Dinners at university… we have Easter events… but why don’t we have any dinners or events for Islamic festivals? Well, I would love to do get-together events to celebrate the majority of festivals we have like Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha and the Islamic New Year.

I will continue to work closely with the Chaplaincy Team around prayer room issues and continue to work towards for a better washing facility for brothers and sisters on all campuses. Throughout the year, I will also be planning campaigns supporting amazing causes (hint: one of them being the Headscarf Campaign!) I’m really passionate about the bringing a change and making the Muslim Roey community better - so stand by your sister, your voice matters!