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Candidate for the position of Chair of Students' Union Council

Image for Anthony Bartlett-Fletcher

Anthony Bartlett-Fletcher

For the people, an equal say!

Hey all! I'm Anthony, a History student with a passion for this university both it's history and it's people!

That is why I am running for Chair of the Students' union council, as I care about what the people of this univeristy have to say. I'd make sure that the officers of this university have a fair share of their ideas within the students' union council!

I'd do this by, if elected, making sure:

1 - That every officer has their time to talk and share their ideas!

2 - That every officer feels included in the RSU, by addressing any inequalities or prejudice in the board and allowing all officers to speak their fair share.

3 - That I am a neutral force for all other officers, by upholding the rules of the RSU and allowing others to voice their own opinion. 

4 - That everyone is aware of events, and encouraging all officers to participate in events and speaking up when possible!

The position of the Chair is a role that requires organsisation, and my skills as a Historian are well suited for this role. My experiemce as a historian both via work and in the classroom mean that I am a person who is willing to step up and speak for myself. I am also a very opioniated person due my History degree, so am very capable of voicing my own opinions when needed whilst also allowing others to voice their own. The work load, and my management of it is testament to my organisational skills as well, and I am well suited to high work loads.