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Candidate for the position of Asian and Minority Ethnicity Students' Officer

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Ikra Thakkar

One for all, All for one.

Hello, my name is Ikra, and I am a 2nd-year Biological sciences student from India. I am running for Asian and Minority ethnic groups part-time officer, currently working as a social secretary for Roey BAME society. Part of my current role includes: Overseeing social media accounts, Keeping regular updates by posting about events or collaboration, or cultural days, Encouraging following, Reposting opportunities from the University and Replying/comment on meetings/posts. And I am also a student representative for my course, which has helped me develop critical skills like approachable, communication, confidence, leadership, problem-solving.
I will be representing all Asian & minority ethnicity individuals within the University. To create a supportive educational environment for Asian and minority ethnic students whilst also encouraging all other students & staff within the University to understand Asian/Minority individuals' needs. To work together with the University and local community Asian & Minority champions, role models & peers, they have encouragement and can be a positive reflection of the University & community. I believe I have the transferable skills and experience required for this role. If I get elected to office, I will prioritise the following four areas:
1. Empower students by providing a forum for sharing ideas, experiences, information, and issues common to Asian and Minority Ethnic students. This platform can be seen as a step toward achieving a professional role, achieving a cultural transformation, and disseminating ways to handle diversity for the good of students, as well as offering a feedback mechanism for qualified students that encourages them to disclose questions about something they may feel strongly about from their health and background of the University as a whole.
2. Organise events such as workshops, seminars, discussions, informal gatherings and conferences where Asian & Minority ethnic professionals from diverse works of life speak on such topics as stereotypes, face discrimination, exclusion, human rights, denying or stripping them of citizenships and racism, which affects their vulnerability which can lead to mass expulsion. And also assist them in developing the requisite skill sets to achieve and prosper in their academic pursuits.
3. Work with the University in promoting the health and wellbeing of Asian & minority ethnic groups students by raising awareness on important and more pressing health issues like mental health, heart disease, diabetes that are more common within the Asian & Minority community, and get more minority-led events to promote the spirit of inclusion.
4. Work parallel with Student Union in resolving Asian & Minority student issues that they may feel on a grand scale addressed by the University.
And I believe that all the student voices are equal because an accent or physical appearance doesn't make a difference as everyone, no matter their background, treatment and opportunities should be open for all without hesitation as it is time that all the concerns to not only be heard and but also resolved. I hope for your vote and support.