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Candidate for the position of Digby Stuart College President

Image for Orla Molly O'Flynn

Orla Molly O'Flynn

A vote for Orla, is a vote for all.



Hello all, my name is Orla and I am running to be your next Digby President. 


As your current Vice-President, over the last year I have been working with the college team on a number of issues that you have all raised with me. I would love to have the opportunity to continue my work with the college, to make Digby a better, more cohesive environment for everyone. 


My work over the last year includes: 

  • The distribution of isolation packages on Digby.

  • A brand new podcast and Youtube channel for Digby.

  • Raising your concerns to relevant people in the University. This has totaled around 100 hours of meetings, where I represent Digby Students.

  • The creation of the Digby Lions instagram page, where I share relevant information about the University and College, and offer a point of contact for students to get in touch with me. 

Additionally, over the past three years I have been actively involved within the college through engaging both as a Flat Rep and Programme Rep. I feel passionately about non-academic life since it is crucial to the experience and wellbeing of students. I truly believe this is the best college to study and reside on; however, no community is without its shortfalls. 


If you vote for me, I promise to continue with my work from this year, and to implement the following as listed below. 



  • ROEY'S GOT TALENT- This is an event I proposed to go ahead this year. However, due to coronavirus, I have decided to push this back to next year with hopes of doing this in person. This is going to be an exciting event with all 4 colleges competing against each other for the top prize!


  • To create diverse events through society collaborations which will promote inclusivity and improve the representation of Digby students throughout the University. 


  • DIGBY DEBATES - An informal meet-up held every fortnight to debate and discuss relevant issues and topics within Digby and outside of University. You get to decide what this may look like through a new social media platform dedicated to these sessions.  




  • I would like to bring a campaign focused on the issue of Safety & Sexual Assault. This is not a new idea, however the University is yet to implement changes to their policies around safety on campus. I would like to work with you all to campaign for more lighting across Digby and other areas, and better access to our College Warden and Wellbeing Officer. 

  • Accommodation nights out which will happen in winter term to integrate new students into college life.  

  • To work alongside the college to improve and further utilize the Digby Diner. We need a social space, just like all the other colleges do, The Diner isn’t sufficient enough for this. 

  • To develop the Digby lawn space (where the rabbits are) so this can be utilized for Spring/Summer term events.