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Candidate for the position of Environmental and Sustainability Officer

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Lorena Russo

Every small action can make a big change.

Hello Roehampton,

My name is Lorena; a first-year Anthropology student. I am running for the Environmental and Sustainability Officer role. I have joined Roehampton during this rollercoaster year of Covid-19, and like all of us, I have had online lectures, however, I have tried my best to get involved in Roehampton’s community by being a Student Rep and Ambassador. During this time, I have seen that many of us are concerned with the future in terms of creating a better and more sustainable world to live in, and as a person who’s passionate about it, I wanted to start making this change at Roehampton.


My motivation

I am always thinking about how to improve my community and make the best of it, I do not only want to ensure a better environment but also to create an enjoyable space for everybody. I have previously participated and led a green club during my A-levels, and I find that by becoming the next Environmental and Sustainability Officer I can bring this to the next scale. On a personal level I am also an enthusiast of making this real and relate it to my course, therefore this upcoming summer I am joining a conservation expedition to help Mexico’s wildlife.


My Campaign Promises

Improving education on sustainability

I will do this by bringing speakers that are working on sustainable projects or are experts in some area related to sustainability and the environment. Educative workshops will also be made to help people make effective and easy swaps to help the environment.

Host a clothes swap event

In order to raise awareness about slow fashion and enhance people’s enthusiasm on giving a second chance to clothes they do not use anymore.

Work closely with Growhampton (and possibly other societies)

This will help to create a community link where we can all learn from each other and participate in fun and instructive activities. An example would be a voluntary community pick-up event, where we clean an area near Roehampton, or even in London.

Bringing sustainable projects to university

Many objects are hard to recycle, but many companies are now arising to ensure they are not just burnt in landfill. These companies find an adequate way to do this (including recycling or upcycling). I will bring them to Roehampton, or ensure that the waste we create is collected adequately.

Why just Roehampton? Let’s spread the voice!

The interesting thing about sustainability is sharing, therefore I would like to make connections with other universities around London that have similar projects and work together in bigger events.


Be aware that these actions will depend on the covid-19 situation, but I will do my best to ensure an alternative to any of these points.


Thank you for reading my manifesto!

If you have any doubt or suggestion regarding my campaign please feel free to drop me an email at Remember, we can all do our small actions, and this is a great chance to make them real.