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Candidate for the position of International Students' Officer

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Manash Jyoti Bhuyan

Change for the better.

Manifesto International Officer

Hello Roehampton University,

My name is Manash Jyoti Bhuyan and I am a Msc Digital Marketing Student and I would be honoured to be your International officer .I am very much passionate towards my work and really excited for standing for the part time officer. I was the vice president of my college for 2years during my bachelors so I have a good years of experience in my bachelors. I have many ideas for this role I hope you will like them.

1. As we all know these days are hard and we already passed many hard days so I really want to work for the mental health. As students from all over the world are facing mental stress, problems and hard days. We are very much blessed as our college give so much focus on mental health but I want to make a community where everyone is welcome to express their mental health views and what things we can support or improve creating events related to their health and mind.

2. I want to work on racism as we are on 21st century it is our duty to bring an end to this .If you give me an opportunity . I want to work on this matter if I win I want to work with all my fellow mates and staffs so that no one can faced this racism in campus or outside the campus and everyone can freely talk about it he or she faces any situation like that.

3. I want to support and create a better communication with the international students and teachers whoever is facing difficulty in their study as we all know we all are studying online ours teachers are trying their best but still many things are not as like the campus class so I want to help as much as I can to make and support.

4. I want to work on sports because sports is the one of the key component for making us fit and healthy and in shape. It also makes us discipline teamwork and self -confidence which is the most important thing in a person to build a career. I will try to take out the talents of the students who are interested in sports by arranging events and meetings to get the best possible talent out. 

5. I want to work with the staffs and students closely so that I can improve the perception of the RSU and taking their feedback and suggestions .The main aim of this will be to make students aware that they can access all the services provide by the RSU and the university. 

6. I want to work on safety .It is one of the most important factor now-a-days. I don’t think it should be only in campus .I want to work closely with the students who will be elected and the staffs ensuring safety of the student in and off campus.

Thank you for reading my manifesto .PLEASE VOTE.