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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Education)

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Rasanpreet Kaur Binning

Binning For The Winning


Hello Roehampton,


Who Am I?

I’m Ras, you may know me as your current elected Digby Stuart College President or, you may have seen me around campus in my various roles at Roehampton. A few of those roles are;

  • Senior Student Ambassador
  • Bar staff at The Union Bar
  • A member of Student Engagement Working Group
  • Programme Representative for the MA London’s Theatre and Performance course.


What have I done?

  • As a Senior Student Ambassador, over the four years I have spoken and given information to parents and students regarding Roehampton and the facilities we have to offer. As well as supporting student concerns.
  • I have worked with the Student Engagement Team, to gather and report student feedback and actively act upon this to make a change for you.
  • Adding to this, I have worked to contact students both returning and new, to answer questions and give information regarding particular departments and support.
  • I have successfully increased engagement working with peers, college teams and other PTOs, to create more online content which can also be moved offline, regulations permitting.
  • I run regular weekly drop-ins.
  • In addition to this, as a Programme Representative, I have successfully gathered feedback and delivered this to staff and have reported discussion points back to students.


What Will I Do?


  • I will work closely with departments to ensure assignment spacing, so that you are able to focus on assignments one at a time.
  • Secondly, I will work to find regular guest lectures to speak, giving students relevant first-hand information on their chosen field.
  • I will work to create a way for students to regularly know where they are on the grading system and what they are working towards. Allowing enough time for support and improvement before graduation.
  • I will work to continue a blended approach to learning, catering to a wider demographic and facilitating all learning abilities. By doing this, materials will be available longer and able to support during exams.
  • Working with staff, students, various working groups, the Black Students Officer, and Asian and Minority Ethnic Student Officer, I will diversify the curriculum. Working to understand what you are being and want to be taught, allowing a more engaging and aspiring environment for you.
  • Additionally, I will work to make library resources available on request for an allotted period.

Student Support

  • I will work with Senior Management and timetabling early, to have Wednesday afternoons free for sport. As students, we deserve to thrive both academically and in extra-curricular activities. This year has shown us how important sport and exercise can be.
  • Furthering this, I will work with elected SABBs and PTOs on various campaigns close to students, encouraging engagement and wellbeing.
  • Finally, I will continue to run regular drop-ins both online and in-person for students to discuss anything they feel they may need to, while also operating with an open door booking system to allow me to be accessible to you at the time when you need me.