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Candidate for the position of RSU President

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Anastasija Postnikova

If anyone canna, it's definitely Ana

Hellooo Roe, my name is Ana and I’m campaigning to be your new RSU president. Having been at Roehampton for 4 years and I can confidently say I’ve made my second family here. You may have seen me on TikTok, or for my 2nd/3rd years probably at Fez/Infernos and BOP. Roehampton has shaped me into the person I am today, and I could not be more grateful.



As a previous UG and a current PG student, I have been and currently still am in your position, I know how frustrating situations can be. We are all going through something, my objective is to make sure YOUR voice is heard by getting things done!


Below are some of the things I wish to work on.

  • My main focus will be on a rent rebate and maintaining the accommodation fees for the upcoming year. As most of you know, accommodation prices are rising and during a pandemic where income and employment has been lost for most, it’s harder than ever to afford to live. To achieve this, I will work tirelessly with accommodation, NUS and student movement teams, to make a change.


  • Roehampton is a diverse community, as your president I will ensure all backgrounds and cultures are represented and celebrated. I will work with the Black student officers and the Asian and minority ethnic student officers to support their ideas and campaigns. This is to ensure all voices are heard in order to live in a safe and comfortable community.


  • Alongside working with VP education, I want to bring in the issue on the BAME attainment gap with the campaign #ClosingTheGap.


  • Mental health is extremely important to me, I will improve vital services where students should feel comfortable expressing their stories and seeking help. This will be done through campaigns and long term with wellbeing services both off and on campus.


  • I will work closely with senior management and security teams to improve women’s safety. This will include consent awareness and protection on nights out and day to day basis.


  • I will work with heads of college, CLDO’s/CEAO’s to help increase student engagement, as well as working with and giving more recognition to Flat Reps with giving them incentives for their work which would be done through competitions.


  • I will focus on international students and the international team by bringing more events and opportunities. Working with the RSU and societies to involve more international students in social activities like sports at Roehampton.


  • I will work with events team on putting on the best possible activities and events for upcoming freshers, current students, postgraduate’s and mature students.


If anyone canna, it’s definitely ana