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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Education)

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Lauryn Fleming

Your vote is your voice, make Lauryn first choice!

Hello Roehampton,

I’m Lauryn Fleming and I am running once again to be your Vice President of Education.

This time last year, you elected me as your Vice President and I have dedicated 100% of myself to representing you. This year has been challenging but I hope you can all agree that we have still achieved a lot together. Circumstances have changed but I have adapteddelivered my aims and made positive change for you. Your voice is stronger with me in this role.

I am enthusiastic, hardworking and committed to making your Roehampton experience the best it can be, especially throughout these unprecedented times. I’ve constantly been making progress on the issues I know you are facing, and I have made great working relationships with University contacts. I will be ready to start next year, fully equipped and able to continue making the changes you deserve from day 1.

So far in this role, I have done the following to support you:
·        Been an influential voice in the shaping of the no-detriment policy and COVID academic regulations which were re-introduced for 2020/21.
·        Worked with other Students’ Unions to tackle key student issues you might have faced this year.
·        Taken your academic feedback to University and ensured I closed the feedback loop.
·        Started the ‘Sabb Office Hours’ initiative so you can meet with me easily at a time that works for you.
·        Worked closely with the Library to ensure you have the resources you need.
·        Encouraged you with your plans for after Roehampton and organised guest speakers to support this.
·        Held student networking sessions for each Academic Department.
·        Sent a letter to the Government to lobby them for better student support and recognition, especially in relation to the impacts of COVID.

While I’ve been your Vice President:
·        The number of available online resources have increased to support your blended learning.
·        Recorded lectures are being provided more often so you can revisit sessions in your own time.
·        The University have put your future careers at the centre of what it does, and I have been a powerful voice in this work. And if you re-elect me, these things will continue into next year!

If re-elected, I will also make sure that:
·        You will get more varied assessment methods to suit your chosen degree and benefit your graduate employability.
·        The curriculum is more diverse, inclusive and relevant so it reflects you.
·        There are no timetabled classes over lunchtimes or Wednesday afternoons so you can take part in Sport and other co-curricular activities to support your studies.
·        Communication across Uni is increased so you can improve your course community and know what’s on offer.
·        Career focussed sessions and hands-on experience is embedded into your curriculum from 1st year.

I already have a year of experience as your Vice President and I have learned so much about the role, our University and how Students’ Unions can support you to get things done effectively.

The only way to feel represented is by getting Lauryn re-elected.