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Candidate for the position of International Students' Officer

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Shola Olowu

Making connections!

I am running for the international student officer position because I believe there is a missing link between the university and international students. As a 2nd year international student, I know exactly what it feels like coming to a new country, wanting to feel supported throughout your entire time in university, but having to navigate it by yourself without any real recourses. 
Especially, now that we are in unprecedented times, I want to be the bridge between the university and the international student body by:

-    Enhancing excursion programs for full-time international students.
-    Creating an international student society where students from all backgrounds can come for recourses, commonality, friendship and inclusion.
-    Creating open communication with other part-time officers and international students. 

These are just a few programs I had in mind, but, with your votes, we can create a safe space to support one another while at Roehampton.