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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Community and Welfare)

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Nicolo Sodaro

Student Representation is the key to success, Vote Nic 4 Roey Progress!

Hello Roehampton,


My name is Nicolo Salvatore Sodaro and I'm your current Vice President of Community and Welfare and I am running to be re-elected for this position. You may also know me from serving you a cheeky snakebite or running student-led events such as Karaoke, Lip Sync Battle, and Bingo at the Union Bar Last Year.


What have I done so far?


  • Run successful Mental Health Campaigns with ‘Alright Mate and Women in Mind’.
  • I have planned the Sexual Assault Awareness Month for April 2021.
  • Supported work on a declaration for Climate Emergency at Roehampton University.
  • I have created and distributed an Accommodation Survey regarding issues in on-campus facilities.
  • I have also worked closely with the Off-Campus team to support Accommodation pricing, ensuring it remains fair for future students.
  • Ensured student voices are being heard this year, regarding Accommodation rebates and decreasing Tuition Fee value long-term.
  • I have worked with the Wellbeing team to be more visible within its students, making them known and easier to access.
  • I have supported the BAME Officer and worked towards splitting the BAME role to Black Student Officer and Asian and Minority Ethnic Student Officer to increase representation.

What will I do for you, if re-elected as your VP Community and Welfare?




  • Continue to work with the Accommodation and Maintenance teams to improve the quality of Accommodation blocks with termly-based surveys.
  • Continue work with the Roehampton Sustainability Project, ensuring the Climate Emergency is fulfilled to its highest potential.
  • I will work with other elected officers to bring back No Lecture Wednesdays, to allow students to focus on Sport and Wellbeing.
  • Working with the University on improvements to its Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity across Roehampton.
  • I will work to better on-site facilities, improvements to the MUGA courts, and Wi-Fi services.
  • I will work with the Black Student Officer and Asian and Minority Ethnic Student Officer, LGBTQ+ and Trans Officers, ensuring they are fully represented, and their campaign projects can run effectively with my support.
  • I will enhance the Growhampton Volunteering Scheme.
  • Work with the Events team to ensure the best student experience throughout the year.




  • Continue to raise awareness for Men’s and Women’s Mental Health with known campaigns such as ‘AlrightMate?’ and Women in Mind.
  • I will ensure the RSU lead on Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Consent Matters. In addition to this, creating a Red Card Campaign for Domestic Violence of Women.
  • I will also work to ensure the safety of students and staff both on and off-campus. Running knife crime projects and increasing lighting across campus. I will create a safeguarding project and have secure policies around this.
  • Create a partnership between Student Minds and the RSU – to increase the various methods of support we can offer students.



Student Representation is the key to success, Vote Nic 4 Roey Progress