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Candidate for the position of Whitelands College President

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Jai Hiteshbhai Patel

Want a better bloomin' day, ya better vote Jai

Howdy everyone, my name is Jai Patel and I am running to be your next Whitelands College president. The initial momentum for me to apply for this role came from my studies in Anthropology through my first and second year.  I fell in love with Whitelands when learning about the vast historical past of the campus and of Parkstead House where we study, as well as the natural beauty of the campus itself.

 In my second year I was elected as the Environmental & Sustainability Officer for the RSU which gave me the voice to actively make changes in the things I saw necessary, such as declaring a climate emergency, increasing vegan options at the university, and helping with environmental campaigns to make the university  a more sustainable and environmentally conscious place. Even though I am campaigning for Whitelands College president this time around, I would like to make sustainability and biodiversity a key part of what I bring to the campus. I also currently sit on the men’s rugby committee as the Welfare Officer as well as being treasurer of the Politics society. All these roles have taught me many skills that I would use to make Whitelands College an even better place to live and study on.

My plans consist of 4 main points:

Sustainability and Biodiversity:

I would like to bring Growhampton to the campus and conduct sessions revolving around environmental practices, whether this be about actually growing fruit and vegetables on the campus or simply learning ways to be a greater ally to the environment.

Welfare Support:

The Covid-19 pandemic took a huge toll on the mental wellbeing of everyone, it is my intention to provide as much support as possible to anyone who needs it through regular weekly drop ins as well setting up an anonymous blog where anyone can talk about their issues and gain support through other students.

Community and Inclusion:

As restrictions hopefully ease towards the next academic year, I would like to rally up community spirit again and hold inclusive events that everyone can attend and have fun with such as casual sporting events, BBQs, yoga sessions and outdoor cinema viewings.

Rapid Resolutions:

I am very aware of the negatives of living on campus and wish to resolve anything that occurs in the fastest way possible, whether it be accommodation problems, security concerns or general issues. Your standard of living and happiness is of paramount importance to me and I will be there to help in any way I can as I also will be living on Whitelands.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you found it informative, and I hope I can count on your vote!