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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Community and Welfare)

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Lynne Wahome

#LynneForTheWin !!

Hi there, I’m Lynne :)

I’m a 3rd year student here at Roehampton and want to become your next VP Community & Welfare Officer!

I’m an active member at the university, having participated in several campaigns, joined various society committees & a current Department Rep. I'm also the current Mature Students Officer - so I've no problem multitasking! I want to do more for my fellow Roehampton Uni students and this position will allow me to execute more of my ideas. One of my ideas includes a #Sisterhood campaign (more on that later though).


Reasons to vote for me:

  1. I have a lot of experience in a leadership role. I know how to get things done.
  2. Voting for me will be a vote for real change. I’ll strive to make this university better.
  3. I want to make life easier for my fellow Roehampton students, a fun and educated experience at university is what we all want.
  4. I will plan and host events in the weeks coming up to semester 1 so that people make friends faster as this can impact university life.


My visions & goals:

  • Freeze rent. - I want to keep rent fees low as possible (it’s been a tough year and I know a lot of us are struggling financially which is stressful).
  • More spiritual/religious representation. – We may not be a “religious university” but a lot of students are either religious or spiritual and I want to see more done to represent them. I want to raise awareness for this.
  • Mental health awareness. – A lot has happened the past year, but even before that, many of us are struggling and have mental health issues, I want everyone to know that this does not mean you should feel shame. It’s okay to need help and I want to make sure the university is going above and BEYOND to cater to our needs! Faster access to counselling is one of my main priorities.
  • Lectures/Seminar catch-up. – Some people are not always able to make classes, I want classes to be available online for all students to be able to catch up and for lecturers to be more helpful towards students.
  • Compulsory consent training. – All students should take this training.
  • "Knock Knock" welfare check scheme. – For students living on campus.
  • Weekly meetings with students. – Students can meet with me for informal chats etc.



My Proposal

If elected, I will work extremely hard to fulfil all my goals. I know a lot of current students are not having the same university experience as others, I want to close that gap and implement fresh new events for students. Roey is already a community but I want to create stronger bonds. Students looking out for one another. Mental health can severely impact academic performance, I want to ensure students are aware of all the help they receive on campus and I am also here for them.

Let's make it a fun & insightful year :)