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Candidate for the position of RSU President

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Farrah Alice Black


I have been the RSU President during one of the most difficult years you could be the RSU President. But despite the challenges, the changes, and only meeting most of my colleagues through a screen, I have to say I have loved every second. I can only imagine I would be re-running even if Covid hadn’t happened but given the opportunity to do the role I once imagined- the role as it existed when I first submitted my nomination- there’s nothing I want more.

When I ran last year, my manifesto was: Introduce free sanitary pads to the library, get the progress flag on the main entrance, create a diversity calendar so the RSU know when national and international events naturally fall every year and can recognise them in advance, improve communication between services with a security workshop conference, and offer students opportunities rather than hiring externals.

The first three I completed before Christmas. The fourth will be completed in April as part of Sexual Assault Awareness month. The last was trickier due to the covid-19 pandemic, but I am now hoping to carry it through to a second year as RSU President:



As hopefully more opportunities in-person/ on campus are possible, I will make sure they are offered up to Roey students and graduates first and foremost. If we believe in our students’ talents, we should trust that they are just as good as anyone we hire externally and give our own students and alumni the opportunity to gain experiences they can then use on their CV’s and portfolios.


As well as continuing to expand the Period Poverty Project alongside student volunteers, I want to research what barriers exist at the RSU that prevent students from different marginalised groups from getting involved. I will work towards breaking those barriers down and making the RSU a more welcoming place for all, that represents the demographics of the student body. I will also carry on the work set out by our current Trans officer and SUC, to diversify the curriculum across departments.


Increase and improve the range of vegan food options available across campus- especially the library. Also improve labelling and ingredient awareness for allergy and intolerance suffers. I will also push to improve recycling bins in accommodation, explore hygienic food-waste options.


Create workshops and masterclasses to educate, encourage and empower students to use their voice in an effective way and to create real change. How do you get your point across in a big meeting? How effective are petitions? This would involve speakers both within and outside the university, and give students skills to use at uni, work, and in life.


Support them through their department changes, encourage their graduate outcomes and future career paths, and push on both a university and sector/ governmental level to protect arts resources and funding.