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Candidate for the position of Whitelands College President

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Dante Alexander Thompson

Building a better world starting with one student at a time

Howdy everyone!

Hope you all are well and safe during these trying times.  Days like these can be long and difficult especially on our mental health and dependancy to see one another on a daily basis.  With that said, we have all made it through this pandemic with a changed attitude, mental state, and a different approach on how we are going to live each day from now on.  


What does that mean for Whitelands?

This 20/21 academic year, Whitelands was often left behind and not addressed in conversations on how the university was to make the university safer due to the pandemic.  I want to be a voice and change for Whitelands as a whole, which took me to the Deputy President position that allows me to have a hand in events, discussions, and helping hands weekly to make Whitelands better.  I hope you all can see the progress and work the college team has done this year.  As I am the only student left from the elected roles, I would like to think that you all have seen the good that has come out of our work and would re-elect me for the incoming 2021/22 Whitelands President.  


What can I bring to the table?

The 2021/22 academic year is the 180th year of Whitelands College and through this year's preparation, the college team has a lot of things planned that will not only bring things to improve the on-campus student experience.  The off-campus students have just as much of a say which is why there is going to be more of an off-campus presence and campaigns to enourage engagement and attendance for the betterment of Whitelands and its community.  


Last thing I have to say is I want to thank you all for inviting me in as an international student to the Whitelands Community.  Thank yall!