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Candidate for the position of RSU President

Image for Danielle Chegwidden

Danielle Chegwidden


Yearlong Campaign Promises: 

  • Liberation, Equity then Equality:  Work to close the current 24.7% BAME attainment gap. The current drop-out rate is 1.5 times higher for BAME students, than their white counterparts. I hope to do this by developing further relationships with the BAME community and learning how best to use my position to reduce this rate. If mental health is a contributing factor, I’d like to introduce more BAME wellbeing staff. Liberation embodies empowerment. I wish to facilitate this through a group of student activators, heading change and direct the RSU as a progressive community.

  • Inclusive Sport and Exercise:  Introduce sport hardship funds for those who want to competitively participate but aren’t able to afford the membership/kit fees, providing the option to pay through monthly instalments. Increase the female presences in the Gym facilitating a safe and comfortable environment. Produce a pathway to upgrade our sporting facilities. Our current facilities do not excite or help develop our student athletes because “home facilities” are not home. Extending vocational learning and extracurricular opportunities to enhance your degree.

  • Initiate a new Self Defence society!

  • Safe Sex: Establish a strong relationship with the Campus GP practice to co-run a sexual health care campaign and provide education in a safe and anonymous space. Specialists in the LGBTQ+ community. Issuing FREE sexual health self-test kits preventing the invasive feeling of a GP appointment, with 75% of visits being due to unsafe sex, normalising sexual health testing.

  • Check your Chest Campaign!:  Educate students/staff on how to Check your Chest! Put a Breast Cancer Research bra donation box in the RSU reception for sustainable bra donations! Place examination guides in all campus cubicles to remind/guide you in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Initiating a ‘Uni Boob Team’ with Coppafeel to instil confidence to check your chests and seek help about changes.

  • Hidden Disabilities:  Alongside the elected VP of Education and Disabilities Officer to facilitate a disability support group. To prevent students feeling alone and to help guide them through academic support, they may not know is available to them, E.G, a guide to using your summary of adjustments

Semester Campaign Promises: 

  • Graduation Professional Portraits: To our students and alumni studying through the pandemic, I want to provide the opportunity for a professional cap and gown portrait. The portraits are as special as the degree, I have always wanted my official picture on my Great Grandmothers wall with the rest of the graduates in my family!

  • Sustainability in September: Introduce #SecondHandSeptember to tackle the stigma of using/buying clothes second hand. Due to COVID our usual sale at reception is restricted, I propose an RSU Depop shop. Students can donate/buy clothes, with the proceeds going to charity.

  • University Mental Health day Colour Run:  A colour run for all Roehampton staff/students for University Mental Health day, raising money and awareness. Including the lasting impacts of COVID-19 with Student minds and South London Listens.

  • Update the Flat rep role description:  Flat reps are asked of a lot, receiving little training/support throughout their position, with minimal rewards. Facilitating better communications network.

We are the RSU. We represent individuals in our community! Only together are we stronger as a communicative cohort and as one student voice.