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Candidate for the position of Sport Roehampton President (Male)

Image for William Robert Johnston

William Robert Johnston

Vote Wisely, Will for Sports Pres

Sport Roehampton President- Male:

Hello Roehampton,

My name is Will Johnston and I am running to be your new Male Sports President. I’m currently in my third year studying Sport Psychology. For those who don’t know me, I have spent the last two years as a committee member for the University Hockey Club, previously as Mixed Social Secretary, and currently as the Men’s Captain. I am also currently working as a Sports and Physical Activity Activator for Sports and Active Communities.

Why am I running?

My motivation for running in this election stems from the impact the pandemic has had upon university life. Sport and exercise has always been an escape from the world around, so when things changed last year, I like everybody else involved with University sport and the communities surrounding it, had a huge part of my life taken from me.

My time at Roehampton has been shaped by the sport and this culture, but also the support networks that I have been able to access by those close to me sharing common interests of sport. I understand the role sport can play in a student’s life as well and I want to help contribute to these experiences by becoming YOUR Male Sports President.

My manifesto points:

  1. WELLBEING- I intend to improve the communications between the Mental Health Officer, VP Community and Welfare, and Sport Roehampton by offering more walk-and-talk sessions and opportunities during the term for students to attend mental health in sport meetings and support classes. One way of ensuring wellbeing awareness within Sport Roehampton is to suggest that every sports team has a well-being officer (or pre-existing committee members occupy this role) in their committee.
  2. INCLUSIVITY- I aim to provide pop-up sessions from different sports clubs, regardless of gender, ability, sexual orientation, disability, culture and background. These will be free and available to all students. Over the years I have come to learn that many people suggest their reasons for not taking part in sport is associated with lack of inclusivity. Work with LGBTQ+  and Trans officers as well and Disabilities officer to raise awareness of these sessions and increasing the accessibility of sport at Roehampton.
  3. LECTURE HOURS- Ensure all students, especially Postgraduate’s who are in class the majority of the day, are able to take part in sports fixtures. Many students are unable to partake in sporting activity and competition because they still have lectures on Wednesday afternoons. The role of regular sport and exercise on mental health and subsequent education is significant and this must be something that is corrected.
  4. LINKING THE COLLEGES- Sports in the College cup appear to have fallen recently, however, I intend to bring this back. The role of the Four colleges in student life is integral, the role of sport in a college cup is one sure-fire way to enhance a College’s spirit. The role of sport is crucial to increasing competition and a sense of pride.

Vote wisely, Will for Sports Pres.