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The Idea and RSU policy to: lobby the university to use reusable plastic cups across the campus.

RSU Officers responsible: Jack De France, Kristina Kjonigsen, Deqa Jama Ali

What we did:

  • We raised this issue with every level of management within the university and with Chartwells, the external catering provider.
  • We explored the options of biodegradable or reusable plastic cups; after consulting with students: reusable plastic cups were the preferred option.
  • Chartwells informed us they had found a solution and that we would have something in place after the April break 2017. What prevented the cups from being implemented straight away in the Union Bar was inadequate dishwasher facilities to clean them to a ‘Health & Safety’ hygiene standard.
  • Chartwells then lost their contract with the University and so stopped bothering to try and change anything, despite our repeated attempts to get something done.
  • We raised this with the new catering contractor before they even in started. Elior started in January.
  • Elior have informed us they are looking into this. This has been raised with all senior university staff responsible for estates and campus and responsible for the catering contract. We are putting pressure on Elior to find a solution.

What we achieved:

  • Plastic straws have been removed from the bar and are only available on request if a student needs them for access needs.
  • The University is looking to fund a change to the water and electricity supply so that the appropriate facilities can be installed in the Union Bar.

What we continue to do:

  • Continuing to put pressure on Elior and the University to install the facilities in the Union bar.