RSU Awards

And so the 2018 RSU Awards have now come and gone. We’d like to thank you all for coming to such a wonderful night – we hope you had as good a time as we did! The winners were deserved, the food was delicious (seriously, that kale, right?) and everyone looked fabulous.


Photos from last night will be up within the next few days so keep an eye out for them – you all seemed to be enjoying having your picture taken (we did, too – a little too much). We also hoped you enjoyed our speeches and presentation of the awards – more cheese jokes, anyone?


But, of course, the night belongs to the winners – so if you haven’t yet managed to catch up with the outcome of each category, have a scroll through our below winner’s list. Before you do that, however, please allow us to say a huge thank you one more time – we couldn’t have done the RSU Awards without you!