University Support Services

Student Wellbeing Officers offer support to LGBTQ+ students experiencing difficulties that may be affecting your wellbeing or studies.

SWO’s can help support you if you are experiencing difficulties with your gender identity or sexuality, need support following estrangement from family, have concerns about your health or need some support with accessing more specialised services. These can include the University Mental Health Advisers, Disabilities Services and Counselling.

More information on University Wellbeing Services can be found here.   

Digby Stuart College

Emily Cookson-Williams


Phone: 020 8392 3176

Froebel College

Nicola Hallam


Phone: 020 8392 3304

Southlands College

Jo Eskdale


Phone 020 8392 3402

Whitelands College

Gloria Williamson


Phone 0208392 3502