Consent Matters Training

The University of Roehampton and Roehampton Students' Union are standing against all forms of harassment, hate crime and sexual misconduct and are committed to ensuring that all students are safe and respected on campus.


In order to achieve a safe and respectful campus environment, it is essential to have a strong understanding of sexual consent.


We are dedicated to ending sexual violence, and we expect all students to join us on our campaign by completing this brief online training course as soon as possible.


This training is relevant for all students, irrespective of your age, race, sex, gender identity, sexuality or religion.

Take part!

  1. Visit and register with your email account email account.
  2. When asked enter the token here: 038b8af1
  3. Chek your email account to activate your training
  4. Visit My Courses and select Consent Matters 2.0
  5. Complete the training and download your unique certificate of completion - success!