Friday 22nd March - Tuesday 14th May 2019

Society Elections (also known as AGM / Annual General Meeting) are required to be held by each society every year, to ensure each society carries onto the next academic year. This can be online or in person, however it must be democratic and open for all current society members to be elected.

Therefore each society has the following three options:

  • Run your society election online: contact for more details on how to do this.
  • Run your election through an AGM providing 7 days’ notice to all members, and registering your date online through the link below (please note, if you hold an AGM and this is not done correctly, your election will be invalid)
  • Put your society up for adoption – if you feel you don’t have enough members / will graduate this year with no continuing committee, please contact the activities team. The society will then be put up for adoption post Wednesday 15th May for those who may be interested in taking over the society.

Anyone can participate in an election, but to vote or be elected you must be a registered member of that society. However we encourage as many of you to consider taking on these roles – it’s a fantastic volunteering role, and a great way to gain experience for your CV.


Please see the following guidance on running a Society AGM and handing over to your new committee:

Society AGM / Elections Guide

Society Handover Guide



All societies will need to do the following:

-Register your AGM Date online above 7 days before the AGM takes place (please make sure to advertise this within your society).

- Take a register of those who attended your AGM.

- Register your new committee online above.

Once you have registered both above, your new committee will receive the Signatory Agreement for 2019/20. This needs to be handed in by Friday at 5pm on the 31st May 2019.


Deadline Dates:

Society AGMS Begin: Friday 22nd March 2019

Society AGMS Close: Tuesday 14th May 2019 at 23:59pm

Society Committee Training: Wednesday 15th May 2019 at 15:00pm in the Portrait Room, Grove House

Signatory Agreement Submission: Friday 31st May 2019 by 5pm (Handed into Kate at the RSU Reception Desk)


Want to head to one of the Society AGMS? All are shown below. If the AGM is not noted yet, this is because it has not yet been confirmed.

(Please note - any society created since 1st January 2019 is currently eliminated from the RSU Society Election Period unless requested by the society).

ABSOC Society

ACS Society

Animal Welfare Society

BBoy/KPop Dance (B.K.D) - Thursday 28th March at 6pm, Jebb Theatre

Business Society

Chinese Society

Christian Union - Wednesday 27th March at 7pm, GH008

Comic Book and Manga Society - Thursday 28th March at 6pm, DU103

Cryptology Society

Dance Competition Team Society - Online Election

Dance Society - Wednesday 1st May at 6pm, Jebb Theatre

Debating Society

Disney Society

Fashion Society

Film Society - Monday 13th May at 7pm in GH008

First Aid and St Johns Society

First Love Society

Gaming Society - Wednesday 1st May in GH009, Grove House

Hellenic Society

Hindu Society

Historical and Classics Society

ISOC (Islamic Society) - Thursday 9th May, 12 -1pm. Room: Howard001.

Kharis on Campus Society - Duschene 103 at 6pm on the 7th May

Law Society - 12pm Friday 10th May in Duchesne

LGBTQ Network - AGM Closes Tuesday 9th April at 5pm- Online Election

Linguistics Society - Monday 6th May at 2pm, Union Bar (seating area).

Mental Health Network

Nepalese Society

Philosophy Society - Thursday 21st March at 6pm, GH004. 

Photography Society - AGM closes Friday 10th May at 3pm -  Online Election

Pole Fitness Society - Online Election

Refugee Action Society

Roehampton Coexist Society- Online Election

Roehampton Music Society - Monday 13th May in QB140 (Music Room, Queens building) at 7pm.

Roehampton Players Society - Online Election

RoeHogwarts Society

RoePaul's Drag Society

S.T.A.R Society - Friday 26th April at 11am, The Sett , Whitelands College 

Sikh Society

Somali Society - AGM Closes Tuesday 30th April at 3pm - Online Election

SSOAP Society

Third Row Dance Company

Universal Black Minds Society - Tuesday 14th May at 5pm in Adam Room, Grove House

UR Writing Society - Online Election