Malayali Student Society


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About Malayali Student Society

Welcome to the heart of Kerala's traditions right here at the University of Roehampton, with the Malayali Society. We're your passport to 'God's Own Country' within the academic landscape.

At Malayali Society, we're all about celebrating Kerala's cultural kaleidoscope. From the captivating festivals to the mouthwatering cuisine, we bring the essence of Kerala to your university life.

We offer an exciting array of cultural experiences, academic support, and a platform to build lasting connections with your fellow students who share a passion for Kerala.

Join us in celebrating Kerala's heritage, sharing your experiences, and creating unforgettable memories. At Malayali Society, it's more than just a society – it's a journey, an exploration, and a cultural awakening.

Discover, connect, and grow with us. Your journey into Kerala's vibrant culture begins right here, at the University of Roehampton."


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