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About Disney Society

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever - Walt Disney

Welcome to Roehampton Disney Society! We are so excited to meet you.


Roehampton Disney Society is a fun, inclusive, safe space for anyone and everyone to come and have a great time! 


One of our main aims is to have lots of Disney-related fun but also to create a safe space for everyone who decides to join. This is why we have decided, as well as all the Disney events we are SO EXCITED to host, we will have regular chill and chat evenings where we will have games, share snacks, and just provide an environment for everyone to talk about anything that may be bothering them or just have a catch up in general, whatever you wish.

Whilst we still love the iconic and traditional animated Disney movies, for us, Disney spans different production studios and franchises. Alongside animated Disney movies, we also watch Marvel, Pixar, Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs), live-action movies and 

Last year we went on trips to see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and The Little Mermaid, had a karaoke night at the Union Bar, did gingerbread decorating at Christmas, and cooked food from the films we watched (such as beignets and jambalaya from Princess and the Frog).


Some of the Disney theme events that we aim to host in 23/24 are:

  • Quiz nights
  • Movie nights
  • 'Disney bounding' competitions 
  • OG Disney Channel movie nights
  • Disney karaoke nights
  • Cinema trips
  • Trips to exhibitions and events


We are very open to any suggestions from any of our members as to what you would like to see and get out of this society!

~ Emmanuella, Becky and Ida :)


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Our linktree: https://linktr.ee/roeydisneysociety

We will be hosting most of our events at The Base. This is in the building Erasmus House, which is located between Digby Stuart Security Lodge and Digby Chapel. Outside the entrance is a large flag displaying 'The Base'. DM us if you have trouble finding it.


Please let us know if you need any accessibility needs for the events, and we will do our best to arrange them.