Anime and Manga Society


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About Anime and Manga Society

Anime & Manga

Welcome to Roehampton's Anime & Manga society, the home of weebs across the University!

Whether you are a casual anime fan or a serious manga collector, our society is for you! Join our community to meet other fans, debate your favourite characters, discuss popular shows, showcase your cosplays, and much more!

We host a variety of social events, both online and in-person, such as:

  • Day trips to Japanese themed restaurants, anime hotspots such as Camden, and conventions like Comi Con.
  • Anime-related game nights, including 'Yu-Gi-Oh!', 'Genshin Impact,' and 'Dragon Ball Fighter Z,' among many others.
  • Watch parties based on member-voted themes and shows.
  • We have weekly meetups where we play quizzes, make tier lists, and have discussions.

All university students (including those without a membership) are welcome to attend our social events, so feel free to join in!

Check out our Discord server for more information.