Christian Union Society (RCU)

About Christian Union Society (RCU)

We are a group of students that are passionate about Jesus and seek to give every student the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus' love for everyone who has ever walked this earth - no exceptions. We believe that we are called to proclaim and demonstrate this love to the best of our ability. We are here not only to serve Christian students, but everyone, seeking to support and serve in any way possible.

Throughout the year, we host free events for the students on campus, giving you the chance to engage with Christianity, while also having fun and eating free food! As a society, our members meet weekly to come together and talk about faith, looking through the Bible, receiving talks, or praying and worshipping the God we believe in. Whether you would call yourself a Christian or not, anyone is welcome to attend our weekly meetings and many events we host.

No elections are currently running