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Philosophy Society

About Philosophy Society

The philosophy society is a cynical collective of students from a range of disciplines who take pleasure from duels of pure reason and intellect. Hosting the best conversations on campus twice weekly!

Roehampton University Student Philosophy Society (RUSPS)

'Deep shit for deep people'

The Roehampton University Student Philosophy Society or simply the ‘Societay’ is a group who sit quoting Plato while stroking their metaphysical beards and tapping their pipes. The society is very much dedicated to accessibility; being the only free society outside of support networks. Through focusing on conceptual discussions rather than esoteric name dropping, those not well versed in philosophical tradition certainly have a place?

With bi-weekly meets, set discussion topics and many upcoming projects, we aim for an easy-going, entertaining and (at times) heated environment for really exploring one’s ideas and the ideas of others. Come along if you like the idea of questioning the meaning of life or just want to rant about politics!

We meet as a society twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday in GH 008(Lecture Room), both starting at 6pm. 

Getting involved?

Following the blood oath and the initiation you will be considered a member immediately without a single penny paid. All that’s required is an interest in talking philosophy and absolute dedication to the great leader?

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2019/20 Committee

  • El Presidente: Michael Perret
  • Vice Chancellor: Stephanie Obi Adi
  • Minister of the Treasury: Louise Marshall-Ash
  • Minister for Propoganda: Frankie Watson
  • Overseer of Mandatory Fun: Lucien Ohanian




Latest News


Thu 12 Oct 2017




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