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Re-Freshers Fair at the University of Roehampton takes place in Monte Hall over one day between 12-3pm, and is one of the biggest events students will attend while at University. It’s a unique opportunity to showcase your group and sign up lots of new members from the thousands of students who visit. The name “Freshers’” can sometimes be misleading as the fair is aimed at all students; from first years, to returning students and postgraduates. All of these students are potential new members for your group, so avoid the temptation to assume it’s all about the newbies! It’s crucial to plan properly for Freshers’ in order to get the most out of it.



Date: Wednesday 16th January 2019

Time: 12-3pm

Location: Monte Hall , Froebel College

Attending: Staff, Current and New Students, Businesses

Stall Bookings Open: From Now

Stall Bookings Close: Monday 17th December at 1pm.

We have also created a Freshers Fair Stall Guide, on what to do , what to avoid and how to make the best of the day - make sure you check it out before you attend on the day! 

For further enquiries, please contact or for business enquiries, contact

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