RSU Award Criteria

1 - Paul & Pilar O’Prey RSU Society of the Year

Awarded to the society who is recognised for demonstrating the following:

  • At least 15 members signed up to the society online
  • Professional attitude to running the society throughout the year
  • Strong engagement with students and other university clubs / societies
  • Demonstrating good committee organisation and team work
  • A variety of opportunities for members to get involved
  • Good relationship with Roehampton Students Union
  • Makes an impact as a society off or on campus


2 - Best Academic Society of the Year

This award goes to the society who has demonstrated the following:

  • Built good links with the school of their academic subject
  • Must be a society that can be categorised as academic – whether this is in relation to a course at this university or another university
  • Minimum of 10 members registered to the society online
  • Evidence of a wide range of activities with student participation
  • Can demonstrate an event hosted of an academic nature which is open for both staff and students to attend. This event must have some relevance to the nature of the academic society.


3 - Most Improved Society of the Year

Awarded to the society who has made the most significant improvements over the course of the year to their activities (based on the RSU Society of the Year criteria) but with the emphasis on how the society has improved in each area.

This will show through hard work of the committee in attracting new members by putting on new activities and developing individuals.


4 - Best New Society of the Year

This award is for a society that has been setup since 1st September that academic year and has made the most progress in becoming sustainable.

It is awarded to the society who has performed the best in their first year operation based on the criteria of the RSU Society of the Year award.

The exceptions to this rule is:

  • They must have a minimum of 10 members signed up online instead of 15.
  • It is not a society which previously went dormant within the previous two years of setting up.


5 - Best Society Committee Member of the Year

Awarded to any elected individual or member involved in a society for doing activities beyond normal expectations, having excellent teamwork and communication skills and going out of their way to develop activities of the society.

If a non-committee person applies, they will need to have demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm about the society and invigorated and influenced the committee from the outside. They should have a positive, supportive and enthusiastic attitude.

In accordance to the rules, the individual must be a full time or part time student here at the University of Roehampton, and have signed up as a member of the society online at the time of application.


6 - Society Member of the Year

This is awarded to an individual who has, throughout the year, really got involved in their Society/Societies of choice – actively taking part in any events, competitions, performances, or other activities.


7 - Best Student Event of the Year

Awarded to any one-off event organised by any group of students / student / society which has performed best in the following areas:

  • Number of people attending the event
  • Success of the event
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Profile of the Event
  • Money raised for charity – if applicable
  • Promotion and awareness made of the event
  • Element of how much student / staff input was involved in the event. E.g. how much of the event was solely managed by students alone without staff support.


8 - Bystander Intervention Lead of the Year

Awarded to the Bystander that has:

  • Made an outstanding contribution to the team by handling challenging situations effectively and responsibly.
  • Worked proficiently as a part of the team, creating a positive and inclusive working environment for all of the team members.
  • Communicated efficiently with other staff at events (security, paramedics, event coordinators).
  • Demonstrated substantial growth and confidence in the role.
  • Has effectively led the team to provide the best possible support to the student community.
  • Has demonstrated excellent commitment to promoting the university’s zero-tolerance stance on sexual violence and inspiring others to become active bystanders.


9 - Sky Sharma Contribution to the Community Award

An award dedicated to the memory of Sky Sharma. Awarded to an individual, society or group of students who have provided their services for charitable causes over the past academic year. This can be through some sort of community service. We will be looking for:

  • What community work has been undertaken by the club? Please include dates, name of community project, how many members were involved and an approximation of hours spent on the project(s).
  • What was the outcome of the community work i.e. did you build something, who was this benefiting and how did it benefit this group of people.


10 - Chicken Volunteer of the Year 

Nominate a Growhampton volunteer who has shown exceptional commitment and dedication towards caring for the Growhampton chickens this past year.


11 - Growhampton Volunteer of the Year 

Growhampton is a valuable service for the SU to offer opportunities for student volunteers to empower themselves with skills and competencies in food sustainability, climate resilience and community building. This is alongside the enjoyment of growing your own food, connecting to nature and creating new networks and friendships for a fulfilling university experience.

Growhampton Volunteer of the Year Nominate a Growhampton volunteer that has shown outstanding commitment towards the values of the Growhampton Project and its edible campus. This includes:

  • Good Food Ambassadorship
  • This is Our Jam
  • Community Outreach
  • Biodiversity Management
  • Give It A Grow and Harvest Morning


12 - School Rep of the Year

School Reps are vital at Roehampton to helping Programme Reps get their voice heard, and they communicate with the School and gather feedback to create positive change at Roehampton. This award goes to a School Rep who has gone the extra mile to represent their School and support their Programme Reps throughout the year.

  • Registered on the School Rep list within the RSU.
  • Must be a registered student who is currently undertaking a course at University of Roehampton.
  • Must have attended a School Rep training session and filled their School Rep duties as stated on their Honorarium agreement.


13 - Programme Rep of the Year

Programme Reps are vital at Roehampton to ensuring students get their voice heard in shaping their own degree. This award goes to an undergraduate program rep who has gone the extra mile to represent their fellow course members throughout the year

  • Registered on the programme rep list within the RSU.
  • Must be a registered student who is currently undertaking a course at University of Roehampton.
  • Must have attended a programme rep training session.


14 - Part Time Officer of the Year

This award goes to one of the Student Unions part time officers who has developed in their role as much as they could, running campaigns, creating events and representing students to the best of their ability. The criteria is as follows:

  • The officer must have been elected into the role by the student body.
  • There must be evidence of the work the part time officer did, and what their involvement was.
  • They would have attended at least 50% of the Union Council meetings.
  • They must have participated in at least one other RSU event in some form to support the RSU.
  • Awarded for showing good leadership, willingness to learn, organisation, team work, reliability and adapts to difficult situations.


15 - The Union Award

No nominations required.