R.A.G (otherwise known as Raising and Giving) is the fundraising arm of the Students' Union. Ran by the Student committee and supported by us, the Students' Union, R.A.G. aims to make your fundraising ideas a reality. R.A.G supports three charities each year but also supports any student that wants to fundraise for a charity that is close to their heart. Last year R.A.G raised £10,000 for React, Centerpoint and Regenerate.


Our events, whilst there to raise money for charities, are also meant to be fun, engaging and a way for you to socialise and get that feel-good-feeling. Every year we put on tonnes of events both large and small. We have events like the Sleep Out which raised £380 for Centrepoint. Keep an eye out for details on this year’s R.A.G Campaign!

RAG Action: The Action series is the most diverse section of the RAG Calendar. Despite supporting three specific charities, Action will allow students to submit, create or host events for charities that are separate from the ones that are selected. Action intends to allow students to fundraise for causes they are passionate about with our assistance along the way, helping to support a wide range of charities through student and committee led fundraising events.


RAG Breakthrough: the Breakthrough series is the events side of RAG for the year, and forms the core of the RAG calendar. Breakthrough aims to raise as much money as possible through entertaining and enjoyable events, including our RAG weeks. We have many surprises coming your way for this series, with many new and unique events being planned.


RAG Challenge: The challenge series promises to be one of the most exciting parts of the RAG Calendar. Challenge offers students the opportunity to take part in incredible fundraising challenges such as Jailbreak and campout, these are incredibly fun challenges which require fundraising commitment and determination throughout the challenge. With Unique challenges being created by both the RAG committee and our charities, this will be a series you will not want to miss out on.










Your RAG Committee  2016/17


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Bryan Stewart


Emily Winsor


Samantha Athina Cherry

Social Media and Marketing





Michael Koehane

Vice Chair


Events and Outreach

Kate Griffiths - Reception and Merchandise

Anya Marie Watt


Gemma Biss


Nick Owen - Hive Cafe Manager

Carys Woods

Student Outreach

Gavin McMahon

Student outreach