Radio Roehampton Shows

The Purim Show

Celebrate the Jewish holiday with uplifting music and a insightful discussion of the story of Purim. Presented by the Jewish Resource Centre and Jewish Society.


The VentureVerse Ep. 1 - Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the VentureVerse, a podcast brought to you by the University of Roehampton's Business Laboratory, that briefs you on a business-related topic in under 15-minutes. For episode one, Bari and George discuss purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

Life Through a Looking Glass by Ben Blawat

Roehampton Radio is proud to host talented pianist Ben Blawat as he shares with us his new album, 'Life Through a Looking Glass'. Growing up locally to Roehampton, in the borough of Wandsworth, Ben has crafted an insightful and special debut album and shares the process of its creation with us on RR.

Listen and experience the journey of a new modern classical piano album, exclusive to Roehampton University.

The Hanukkah Show

On Monday 11th December the Jewish Resource Centre collaborated with Roehampton's brand-new student radio station to produce an informative and enjoyable live show that shared Hanukkah music from around the world. This recording of that live show allows you to sample music from Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi and other Jewish communities and listen to insightful discussions about the rich diversity of the Jewish identity and experiences.