Colleges at Roehampton are the living and learning communities for its students. The Colleges compete throughout the academic year, earning points for various activities. The College with the most points wins the College Cup. Each College also has its own Football team who play their largest matches in the summer term. These two competitions breed rivalries between the Colleges, the greatest of which are those between Digby Stuart and Froebel; Southlands and Whitelands.
The four Colleges are rather separate entities. Each has its own social space and accommodation, its own history and heritage. Each College has an academic who acts as Head of College and two elected student representatives: President and Social Secretary.
The College with the most points overall at the end of the year will be awarded the College Cup, however Colleges also compete for specialist categories. These include:
  • College Pride
  • Volunteering
  • Sport
  • Environment & Community
  • Fundraising
Colleges that excel in activities that fall under these categories will be recognised at the presentation ceremony of the College Cup.