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    Laundry for Elm Grove Hall

      I am petitioning the University to improve the laundry situation in Elm Grove by adding laundry facilities in Elm Grove itself or providing a suitable alternative. In September 2016, the new accommodation on Digby - Elm Grove Hall was opened. The creation of this accommodation has added an additional 300+ residential (on-campus) students in Digby Stuart College; so roughly that's a total of roughly 850 students living in Digby alone. The weekly accommodation cost of Elm Grove is £169.05 and that's a yearly fee of £6,399.75. For those of us that are living in Elm Grove - It was billed to us as better than Chadwick, Spring Mews and Lee House but sadly it is not as all of these accommodation have designated laundry facilities in them. Elm Grove residents are paying exactly the same price as Chadwick, £1 less than Spring Mews and roughly £24 more than Lee House but yet, Elm Grove is not on equal standard as the buildings listed above We are having to use the laundry facilities in Newman, Lee and Hirst; so all three facilities combined - There are 12 washers and 12 dryers to be shared between 800+ students. We are only four weeks in and already there are issues due to the lack of machines available. Not only that but a number of students in Old Court and Garden Court use the Newman Laundry and students in Southlands use the Hirst laundry, so that's an probably an additional 50+ that Elm Grove students are having to share with. I am seeking the support of the Elm Grove residents and the Roehampton University student body (in general) to petition the university to make adequate improvement to the Elm Grove Hall laundry situation by providing some sort of laundry facility in Elm Grove or providing an alternative but suitable solution that will make the lives of all students easier and which will ensure that the £6,399.75 that students are paying lives up to the quality of service that we are receiving
    Alexandra Rachel G Milledge
    4:25pm on 10 Oct 16 It's also more expensive in the new card operated laundry, which is unfair if they're expecting us all to use that one.
    Eleanor Mary Frances Potts
    4:32pm on 10 Oct 16 The card machines have been overcharging aswell. It also needs to be remembered that Elm Grove students were told they'd be getting a laundry room. It's on the plans.