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Here is where the Ideas are if the SUC have referred the Idea to the Trustee Board. If the SUC feels the Idea needs to be scrutinised further because of a financial, legal, reputational or ethical risk to the RSU, it will refer the Idea to the Trustee Board.


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    Make sure the library is open 24 hours over Easter and when dissertations are due

      Last year the Library was not open 24 hours at these critical times when exams and dissertations were due, I met many third years who were severely stressed about not having access to the resources they need when they needed them. No one should be worrying about having access to the library at any time when their final grades depend on it. I propose that there should be a review of when all exams and dissertation deadlines are and make sure the library is open 24 hours in this period. There is an argument that this would be 'too expensive' to be open 24 hours yet the lights are left on all the time when its shut so if they are turned off when the library is shut then there will be enough cash to pay staff.
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