Department Reps

The Department Rep is an experienced Rep elected from each department - there is one Department Rep per Department.

They are experienced Reps who represent their Department, as each Department is different. They collect feedback, attend University meetings, and act as first point of contact for Programme Reps in their Department. They are also the lead student representatives of the Department, work with both the University and the RSU, and drive student engagement. They provide leadership and mentoring support to Programme Reps and support the voices of students in their Department. 

Department Reps have a variety of responsibilities with a focus on students’ academic experience, for example:

  • Arrange & chair Departmental Rep Forums once a term.
  • Communicate with Programme Reps via email and on social media to keep them up to date with the latest issues and news in their Department, as well as Rep Forum dates.
  • Attend a Programme Validation Panel, Programme Boards, Departmental meetings, Student Senate, and any other meetings required by the Department.
  • Lead, mentor and support Programme Reps throughout the academic year
  • Promote and encourage student participation in surveys, such as module evaluations, RSU surveys, and the National Student Survey (NSS).
  • Work with the department on local student engagement projects
  • Arrange rep socials.

Find out who your Department Rep is:


Department Rep


Dance Ria Marsh
Drama, Theatre and Performance  Krystsina Sachkouskaya
Education Debbie Moses
English & Creative Writing Sophie Harris 
Humanities Harry Gilbert
Life Sciences Cecilia Nielsen
Media, Culture & Language Sabiha Aziz
Psychology Megan Salvin
Social Sciences Clair Kerr
Business Camelia Sanchez Charki


Open a more detailed role description for Department Rep Role here.