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New RSU Team Opportunities (Unpaid)

RSU is driven and run by you. Now is your chance to be part of something special next year in shaping your experience. We have loads of roles for you to take up from being the lead department rep for all programme reps, running fresh radio, TV or magazine, to being part of our welcome crew; there are so many options to get involved next year with a range of different time commitments - an hour a term all the way up to leading our programme reps and running core welcome (freshers) week activities......


BAME Ambassadors

Former RSU President Chuchu Nwagu started this exciting initiative for BAME students at Roehampton to get more involved with the RSU and help to improve and shape the BAME student experiences at University of Roehampton.

As a BAME Ambassador you get the opportunity to represent BAME students at Roehampton in University meetings and Working Groups, you will act as the key communicator, collect feedback, and lead on or participate in projects, initiatives and events to improve the experience of BAME students at Roehampton.

Find out more and sign up to become a BAME Ambassador here!


Student Change Committees

We are looking for students to be involved in supporting and directing the work of part time officers. These committees will help develop campaigns and scrutinise the work of elected officers. Additionally they will be the able to feed in key information to elected officers to take forward and help shape the RSU to improve their experience. Commitment is only a few hours a term and when you can make it. We are looking to set up committees in the following areas:

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BAME Students Committee

Digby Stuart Students Committee

Environmental Committee

Froebel Students Committee

Gender Equality Committee

Interfaith Committee

International Students Committee

LGBQ+ and Trans Students Committees

Mental Health Committee

Mount Clare Committee

Off Campus Committee

Postgraduate and Mature Students Committee

Southlands Students Committee

Sports Committee

Students with Caring Responsibilities Committee

Students with Disabilities Committee

Whitelands Committee

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