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The Idea and then RSU policy to: improve the laundry situation for Elm Grove.

RSU Officers 2017/18 responsible: Jack De France, Chuchu Nwagu, Michael Keohane, Fizz Lawson, Kitty Smith


What we did

  • RSU lobbied the university at every level to introduce a laundry room inside the Elm Grove building. We raised this issue with university management at every level, on multiple occasions.
  • We did this from day one and we campaigned for, and lobbied the university to introduce a laundry room inside one of the Elm Grove buildings.
  • Despite trying our very best to get a laundry room inside the actual building and repeatedly asking and lobbying for this, we were told this was not an option.
  • We continued to lobby the university to improve the laundry situation because a simple ‘no’ was not good enough.

What we achieved:

  • 6 extra washing machines and 3 dryers either side of Elm Grove, by the bike shed and in Romero Court - meaning more washing facilities for students and having somewhere closer to go if the Digby laundry facilities are busy.
  • We then ensured that these facilities were COMPLETELY free of use for the beginning of 2017/18, saving student thousands of pounds.
  • 10 weeks of free washes and dries for every student living in Elm Grove. That’s £30 extra for 358 students. Over £10,000+ back in the students’ pockets, over 7,000 free washes and dries.

What we are continuing to do:

  • Lobby the university to improve the laundry facilities across the whole campus
  • Lobby the university to continuously look at new options for an indoor laundry room close to Elm Grove


The Idea and RSU policy to: lobby the university to provide lecture capture across all programmes.

RSU Officers 2017/18 responsible: Joanna Briggs, Jacob Cooper-king, Nagla Elbaz


The Idea and RSU policy to: sell RSU tickets online.

What we did:

  • We started to sell tickets online.


The Idea and RSU policy to: lobby the university to use reusable plastic cups across the campus.

RSU Officers responsible: Jack De France, Kristina Kjonigsen, Deqa Jama Ali

What we did:

  • We raised this issue with every level of management within the university and with Chartwells, the external catering provider.
  • We explored the options of biodegradable or reusable plastic cups; after consulting with students: reusable plastic cups were the preferred option.
  • Chartwells informed us they had found a solution and that we would have something in place after the April break 2017. What prevented the cups from being implemented straight away in the Union Bar was inadequate dishwasher facilities to clean them to a ‘Health & Safety’ hygiene standard.
  • Chartwells then lost their contract with the University and so stopped bothering to try and change anything, despite our repeated attempts to get something done.
  • We raised this with the new catering contractor before they even in started. Elior started in January.
  • Elior have informed us they are looking into this. This has been raised with all senior university staff responsible for estates and campus and responsible for the catering contract. We are putting pressure on Elior to find a solution.

What we achieved:

  • Plastic straws have been removed from the bar and are only available on request if a student needs them for access needs.
  • The University is looking to fund a change to the water and electricity supply so that the appropriate facilities can be installed in the Union Bar.

What we continue to do:

  • Continuing to put pressure on Elior and the University to install the facilities in the Union bar.


The Idea and RSU policy to: lobby the university to provide scholarships/bursaries for refugees/asylum seekers.

RSU Officers 2017/18 responsible: Jack De France, Michael Keohane, Kallel Hunter, Deqa Jama Ali, Emmanuel Carriere, Chuchu Nwagu

What we did:

  • Raised this with university senior management to explore options.
  • One student does already get a scholarship and bursary from the university.
  • Looked at other ways in which RSU could support refugees. Including:
    • joining in a university an international oversight group which would look at how Roehampton can have a supportive international presence.
    • working with the Jesuit Refugee Service to see if student volunteers could support their work
  • Unfortunately, both of these initiatives fell through.

What we achieved:

  • Funded the Roehampton Refugee Action society to do multiple trips with our students to the refugee sites in Calais and Dunkirk and to collect and supply donations.
  • Used the Student Activities Fund to support RSU Societies who are fundraising and supporting the refugee cause both abroad and at home.

What we are continuing to do:

  • What we have done so far isn’t good enough. Beyond the one student who gets a scholarship and a bursary we haven’t been successful in expanding this to new students.
  • We need to review our approach to this to make it more effective.


The Idea and RSU policy to: bring back the alternative room in BOP.

What we did:

  • We brought back the alternative room in BOP.


The Idea and RSU policy to: lobby the university to subsidise graduation costs

RSU Officers 2017/18 responsible: Chuchu Nwagu, Joanna Briggs, Naglaa Elbaz, Christina Gutierrez

What we did:


What we have achieved:


What we are continuing to do:



The Idea and RSU policy to: lobby TfL to increase the 72 buses during peak periods

RSU Officers 2017/18 responsible: Jack De France, Romeo Rygolski

What we did:

  • Sent an Open Letter, both online and in written format, to TfL on behalf of our students.
  • Ran a social media campaign #More72 to get students, staff and the local community to tweet TfL venting their frustration at the reduction in 72 buses.
  • Spoken with our Member of Parliament, Justine Greening, who has lobbied Transport for London on the behalf of RSU.

What we have achieved:

  • Transport for London have increased the 72 route by two extra buses an hour in the morning on the northbound route, and two extra buses in the afternoon on the southbound route.
  • Transport for London have agreed to review the 72 bus route in September once the works are finished on Hammersmith bridge.

What we are continuing to do:

  • Continue applying pressure on TfL through our Member of Parliament.
  • Continuing to seek assurances from TfL that bus routes will be, and are audited, in term-time when students are about.


The Idea and RSU policy to: create the position of Trans Students Officer

What we did:

  • We created the position of Trans Students Officer


The Idea and RSU policy to: make sure the library is open 24 hours during the Easter break and when dissertations are due

What we are doing:

  • Speaking to library staff, as well as academic planning staff to
    • ascertain how the library 24 hour opening period is determined
    • how we can change this for future years
    • when the exact dates for all deadlines and exams are across all programmes, across undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
  • Because of financial restrictions preventing the library from being opened as much as we would like, in the future we will be exploring different options, for example:
    • opening the library during some periods, not for 24 hours, but until early in the morning (example: 2.30 AM?)
    • changing the library 24 hour opening dates so they are at different times in the year
    • seeking new source of funding to open the library 24 hours for longer periods


The Idea and RSU policy to: ensure the cash machine is brought back to the Union bar.

RSU Officers 2017/18 responsible: Jack De France

What we did:

  • Spoke to all relevant staff about the cash machine in the Union bar, who have requested another one.

What we (will have) achieved:

  • Another machine is on the way, we are simply awaiting its delivery.