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    Share upstairs at BOP between societies/ music genres

      Maybe some weeks upstairs at Bop could be electroe, and then the next week it could be K-pop society, and the next week Rock society, etc. Like play normal Bop music, spliced with a different genre each week that sets the upstairs apart from the downstairs and offers a different night for everyone ** Edit: this used to be super long and stupid because I, myself, am long and stupid. I since realised it was being taken a lot more seriously than I intended, which my long and stupid self should've realised from the start. I didnt mean to speak ill of electroe, they are trying theyre hardest. I was going to delete this but I can't work out how? So I've just changed it to the ACTUAL point it should've been in the first place.
    Benjamin Thomas McInnes
    9:56pm on 8 Oct 19 Hi, we understand that it is difficult finding a balance to please every student at bop, the past two weeks we have been making a particular effort to get through a lot of genres. I've just made a collaborative Spotify playlist for all students to be able to add requests/songs they would like to hear at Bop. Also, I do agree that themes should make a return. Here is the link:
    Farrah Alice Black
    10:11pm on 8 Oct 19 ^ A shared Spotify playlist is a brilliant idea!!! Please could you share it more so people know to add to it? All upstairs needs is all the music that's not anything like the music played downstairs, at Fez or at Grand
    Benjamin Thomas McInnes
    2:38am on 9 Oct 19 My DJ software collated a Spotify playlist of all the tunes we played at the Top bar on Friday 4th, if you have a look, we cover a wide range of genres, including plenty of cheese and many of the songs you have added into the collaborative Spotify playlist, which contradicts "Solution, part 1, 2 and 3" Here's the link .......
    Rebecca Seren Hodgkins
    10:54am on 9 Oct 19 From working behind the bar last year and hearing the same songs week in and week out and hearing plenty of students moaning about being bored, its a breath of fresh air to have a great mixture upstairs! Also to see the students not getting bored with the same old songs. The Bohemian Rhapsody was a HUGE hit and the people upstairs at that time were loving it! The songs played last week were a brilliant mixture of ones that everyone can sing to and songs that the brilliant DJ's have been working on at electroe. If you speak to electroe they are more than happy to play any songs as I have done previously. Personally I'm all for electroe!
    Barnaby Spikings
    11:01am on 9 Oct 19 Couldnt agree more, I think electoroE are doing a great job!
    Elesha-Marie Luke-Shearwood
    11:14am on 9 Oct 19 No one is going to bop to Disney all night long, they’re doing a great job
    Farrah Alice Black
    1:49pm on 9 Oct 19 Just to reiterate: I'm not saying scrap electroe forever. They are doing a great job, it's just that not everyone likes electro music, so why not share it amongst different societies? Offer everyone at least one night they can look forward to, and help keep Bops different from each other. I agree Bop was starting to get boring, but I don't think replacing it with a different genre is the best idea. And I for one would bop my absolute tits off to Moana (but perhaps that is just me ??)
    Benjamin Thomas McInnes
    2:52pm on 9 Oct 19 We barely played any electronic/club tunes at the last bop. The set list we played from that day is here: Perhaps the way to go would be to push themed nights with the RSU, then we could at least have a theme to work with, otherwise the alternative would be having other societies plugging their phone Into the sound system and working off a Spotify playlist all night. Saying that, we welcome you to join electroe and we can teach you how to DJ yourselves



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