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Once Policy, the RSU will campaign, lobby and if we can, enact your idea, to try to improve student life here at Roehampton.

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    Change the Bop Music

      Please help me to get the union to bring back the cheese hits and the music they used to play at Bop. The music last night was awful and it's such a shame that they got rid of some great tunes. Please help me to also get a variety of music across the two rooms. As the music was the same last night whichever room you went in. Bring back the varied rooms , along with the cheese, Motown, 80s, 90s music etc so that students have a choice of which music and which room to go to. Lets make bop worth going to again.
    Fabian Ivo Jasonson
    12:29am on 25 Sep 19 Personally think the music at Freshers Finale was a big improvement. Having the same cheese songs in the same order every week was leaving Bop stale and uninteresting.
    Samuel Peter Sly
    12:36am on 25 Sep 19 I'm also in agreement with Fabian, I think yes its good to have varied music but Bop needs to modernise to new genres rather than become stale and very much the same every week which ended up with bop becoming less and less busy as the year went on.
    Gianpaolo Dirienzo
    12:52am on 25 Sep 19 I thought that last bop music was amazing. Finally a Bop with a different playlist than all other bops.
    Giorgio Mangherini
    9:03am on 25 Sep 19 I really enjoyed the music at the last Saturday's bop!
    Hanne Marina Lugo
    5:25pm on 25 Sep 19 Ive never been to the Bop before, but the three different locations with the "different" music, were all the same..
    Nathan Lamb
    4:20pm on 29 Sep 19 Great improvement of the music since last year! Agree with Fabian! Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea.



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