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    Students' Union to introduce a full time Sabbatical Officer role dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion

      As the current President of Roehampton Students' Union, I have had to pick up a lot of the work around Diversity, Equality and Inclusion due to being the 'token black guy' and the other Sabb from a under-represented background ~ As much as I am passionate about the cause and issues, a lot of the work has taken quite a bit of time that I would have used to concentrate on other work. The role of BAME Officer has been fantastic but it is not progressive in driving through change needed because lack of resource/funding and the post holder also being a full time student; which has left BAME Officers frustrated In January 2019, I brought forward the proposal to create a Vice President Diversity and Inclusion; that would solely work on issues surrounding the various liberation groups at Roehampton... This would give greater support to our liberation officers and would give a clear knowledge of who is mandated to do this work instead of a number of different people doing the work without it getting anywhere. The proposal was supported by SUC and the Trustee Board; subject to funding and if funding is secured then it would be implemented for the March 2020 elections but as we know with many things at Roehampton - Promises are made and never kept. The Students' Union needs to be held to account if they back out of their commitment to explore this and seek funding. If money can be found for other things, then it's convenient that when it comes to race or other liberation groups suddenly their no resource. Please support this idea and mandate the SU Senior Management and Sabb team to take seriously the views of students who would like to see this role introduced; and for them to actively work towards making this happen
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