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    RSU to bring back Issa Vibe

      Issa Vibe was held in November and was a huge success. It received several positive reviews from the student body; and students are keen for it to return. We would like the RSU to bring back Issa Vibe for next term and future years.
    Hama Kamran Tahir
    6:31pm on 22 Mar 19 I personally believe it was one of the best events of the year, should definitely happen more often!
    Tamiah Forbes
    1:07pm on 23 Mar 19 I am The President of Digby Stuart college and one major point that keeps being mentioned by our student body is how poor the events are in terms of Bop and Grand. Since Issa vibe was formulated I have only heard positive feedback from those who attended. The question on everyone’s lips(attendees and non attendees) is “when is is returning?”All we need is for students to vote so we can prove that there is a large number of students wanting Issa vibe to return on a frequent basis. Let’s make change ????????
    Carolina Ribeiro Santos
    9:19pm on 23 Mar 19 most definitely an event that needs to make a comeback and hopefully it'll be a reoccurring one.
    Francesca Okonta
    2:43pm on 24 Mar 19 Finally a night with music I enjoy and not Top Uk Pop playlist... It’s only fair to have student events catered to all students. A lot of us are having to travel to other clubs for good music costing at least £20 a night. Issa Vibe gave us a good night out for an affordable student price. Please bring it back!!!
    Kiah Jones
    4:06pm on 24 Mar 19 Best uni event there has ever been! So many people I know hate the music in Bop and Grand so it was finally nice to be able to go to a uni event with music that people actually like! Issa Vibe should be made into a weekly uni event considering how popular it was in my opinion!!!
    Chuchu Nwagu
    1:04am on 25 Mar 19 Issa Vibe was one of the most stressful things to organise but will definitely be one of the most rewarding things that I have done as President. Great to hear so much positive feedback about it
    Abdullah Safi
    10:55pm on 28 Mar 19 One of the best event this year, should happen again for sure!
    Natasha Nicole Yates
    2:58am on 4 Apr 19 I'm gonna be real here.... I've seen the numbers and I have seen how many wanted a diversity and more music of this genre.... If you were one of the people who wanted it to happen you should be hitting that upwards arrow turning that vote green!!!! MAKE ???? THAT ????CHANGE ???? HAPPEN ????
    Kevin Kande Muhika
    10:55am on 5 Apr 19 It’s in a league of its own tbh.



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