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    Lobby to increase the amount of solar panels on campus

      Global warming is a major threat to our planet an I think it is only right that we should do our bit to help so I propose that we encourage the university to build more solar panels to fuel the university. Of the two most recently built buildings being the library and Elm Grove only half of the library roof has solar panels, we have the space to increase the volumes of panels and it is crucial we do so to promote the prevention of global warming.
    Sierra Paul
    12:08pm on 19 Feb 19 Absolutely we should be doing all we can to help the environment.
    Letoia Tepanga Mann
    7:19pm on 19 Feb 19 Definitely. In addition, turning off more lights at night (e.g. in the library). Living in halls next to the library I see the lights on most floors kept on all through the night, including the computers in the cafe. Keeping on the exterior lights by the library is enough when the library is closed.



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