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    We need Bigger & Spacious Prayer Room Facilities in Whitelands

      We need our prayer rooms to be bigger & more spacious so it’s comfortable for all our Muslim students & staff on campus. We are also part of this university, we need to be accepted, look at the size of the chapel; surely we want a prayer facility of a similar size. The current state of the prayer room is appalling, it is crammed & congested. It is extremely difficult to pray inside, it’s literally a size of an office, how do you expect this little space to cater for the hundreds of Muslims on campus. We feel we have been ignored & neglected by the university. Many of the times many students are using the prayer room at once leading to so many health & safety hazards. In fact many students abstain from performing their obligatory prayers due to the limited space. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! WE WANT A BIGGER SPACE ! ! We want the university to provide us with a bigger prayer room which has ablution facilities up to great standard.
    Yusuf Afzal Chowdhury
    6:07pm on 3 Dec 19 When I go to perform prayer it is always over packed there definitely needs to be more space.
    Allishba Amer
    6:09pm on 3 Dec 19 the room is not big enough to house everyone for prayer
    Mohamed Ali
    8:08pm on 3 Dec 19 Not enough space to pray.
    Shamraiz Tariq
    8:09pm on 3 Dec 19 We need a larger room as the current room's capacity is insufficient to accommodate the amount of people that visit it for the fulfillment of religious obligations. Every time is congested and overcrowded.
    Abdukadir Mohamed Wehliya
    8:16pm on 3 Dec 19 We need a larger prayer room, the space is too small & congested. We struggle to pray together. I am not happy with the current prayer facility in Whitelands, we deserve better facilities here..
    Kamran Maruf Hassan
    8:34pm on 3 Dec 19 Prayer room for Whitelands not big enough to facilitate everyone. Gets too crammed
    Najam Iqbal
    8:52pm on 3 Dec 19 There isn’t enough room for more than three people to pray at a time
    Danny Cachard
    8:54pm on 3 Dec 19 We need a bigger and more spacious prayer room, our current one is not enough to facilitate all of us and we deserve better.
    Abdirahman Botan Kariye
    9:16pm on 3 Dec 19 last 3 years i was there the space was unjust with minimal space to pray .
    Mohammed Numan
    9:35am on 4 Dec 19 Many muslims in uni do not feel comfortable coming to the prayer room due to how small and cramped the space is.
    Syjil Shaji
    9:58am on 4 Dec 19 the prayer room is too small. we need a bigger prayer space !!!! health and safety concern too
    Cinar Binboga
    10:02am on 4 Dec 19 the prayer room is too small... i would come more often if the room was bigger.
    Mohamed Faheem Abusudu
    10:19am on 4 Dec 19 Very small, dont feel comfortable there. Need more space.
    Hemin Shiwani
    10:28am on 4 Dec 19 Need more space.
    Walid Kamal Mohamed
    10:28am on 4 Dec 19 Need more space to pray
    Michel Silva Cravid
    2pm on 4 Dec 19 We need more space !!!
    Ruveyda Demir
    2:11pm on 4 Dec 19 literally 5 girls can fit in at the back and probably about the same or less for the boys, its too small physically for people to pray in there.
    Halima Omar
    2:19pm on 4 Dec 19 It is too small for us, we need a big space !!!
    Mohamed Hassan Mohamed
    2:29pm on 4 Dec 19 As a student of Roehampton for three years going on to four i have experienced different emotions on campus and being able to pray has given me the peace and solitude i needed. Studying at Roehampton caused these emotions of anguish to resurface due to the lack of care given for the prayer rooms. In simple, many students alike including myself feel that even with the input and feedback we provide, that our basic religious needs are not being met. Issues with the prayer have been expressed repeatedly (small space, unfit needs and lack in other utensils) with the list endless. Students who attend the university feel that the prayer rooms are unjust in comparison to other university which fairly manage the needs of the students. Please we kindly request that MORE SPACE BE PROVIDED.
    Naveed-Ul-Fatah Noor
    2:34pm on 4 Dec 19 We need big space !!!
    Tooba Nadeem
    2:35pm on 4 Dec 19 Agree, we want big space !!!
    Arfa Rafiq
    2:37pm on 4 Dec 19 Agree, we want big space !!!
    Reeya Chahal
    2:38pm on 4 Dec 19 Agree, we need bigger space
    Zain Hassan
    2:39pm on 4 Dec 19 a bit small not enough spaces
    Murad Mohammed-Nour
    3:18pm on 4 Dec 19 We need a bigger prayer room as it has become overcrowded when its time to pray with the turnout we get.
    Zakeria Ahmed
    3:19pm on 4 Dec 19 we have a lot of people that use the prayer room and not enough space, if the university is where we spend most of our time then its only right the university accommodate us with the space we need. almost every other uni has a large enough prayer room for their students except us and i do not think its fair
    Madina Sarajzada
    3:27pm on 4 Dec 19 Space is very tight, long waiting line to go in. Disturbing others when trying to go in and out. Space is not big enough to ensure privacy for both genders.
    Edris Abedelali Hadj-Lakehal
    3:30pm on 4 Dec 19 Space is very tight, I'm not happy with the service, the university need to build us a big prayer room with ablution facilities.
    Fahil Aslam
    3:44pm on 4 Dec 19 the space is very small and tight, not suitable for a university groups that are wanting to pray
    Rina Azimi
    3:51pm on 4 Dec 19 A bigger prayer room would be more beneficial, allowing us to come in more often without having to wait outside due to lack of space.
    Sabrina Mohammed
    7:48pm on 4 Dec 19 There are queues outside the prayer area within the room due to the limited spacing which often causes people to feel uncomfortable to go and pray and can tend to discourage some to even do so, which is a very big issue. Having a bigger prayer room will not only be better for health and safety reasons, but it will also allow people to feel more comfortable and at ease whilst praying.
    Amal Ali Mumin
    10:16pm on 4 Dec 19 The current prayer facilities at Whitelands are a joke. The space is far too small to benefit anyone. A bigger prayer room would be more beneficial,
    Ryme Tarmach
    10:25pm on 4 Dec 19 The prayer room is too small. It makes it difficult to pray whilst utilising the limited space. A bigger prayer room would be very beneficial and help many of us feel at ease whilst praying.
    Yasmin Farhan Omer
    10:46pm on 4 Dec 19 We need a bigger room as the number of students who use this room to pray and the space currently available is not proportionate!
    Sabrina Abdulahi
    11:20pm on 4 Dec 19 I have a hard time praying as there are too many people in one place and out of respect, I need to wait for people finish their prayers and by the time they’re finished I’m already late for my lecture. A bigger prayer room is needed!
    Sundus Abshir Abdullahi
    11:25pm on 4 Dec 19 The limited space and lack of adequate facilities limits the chance to observe my daily prayer. Due to the limited space I am having to explore around the campus to find places to pray which is both uncomfortable and inadequate as well as awkward. The limited space is a joke and there is a lack of awareness for the diverse needs of people.
    Jose Carlo Ruben Paja Delos Santos
    2:03pm on 5 Dec 19 We need a big space !!!!
    Abdirizzak Daahir Siyaad
    2:29pm on 5 Dec 19 Lack of space, it gets to crowded most of the time
    Hassan Azeem
    2:30pm on 5 Dec 19 Not enough space to pray, need bigger prayer room
    Mirren Nicole Magbanua
    2:33pm on 5 Dec 19 There should be a bigger space to accommodate all our Muslim brothers & sisters here at Whitelands.
    Zarin Abu
    2:35pm on 5 Dec 19 There is not enough space to pray at Whitelands.
    Nasteho Hassan Abdul
    2:35pm on 5 Dec 19 very small can barely fit 20 students
    Aarzoo Ajmal
    2:36pm on 5 Dec 19 It’s very small
    Mahdi Alharthi
    2:39pm on 5 Dec 19 It’s so small, i feel so unconfortable in there, we definately need a bigger prayer space !!!
    Sahra Ahmed Saeed Mahamud
    2:41pm on 5 Dec 19 Very small. Need a bigger space.
    Aleena Nasser Qureshi
    2:42pm on 5 Dec 19 The prayer room is very small :( bigger space for everyone would be much better
    Ikram Ibrahim Salah
    2:46pm on 5 Dec 19 The prayer room is very cramped because there are so many people wanting to use the room at the same time.
    Hapsa Khalid
    2:46pm on 5 Dec 19 It’s really small and needs to be bigger!
    Maryam Hayat
    2:48pm on 5 Dec 19 Prayer room is too small, can get over crowded especially during breaks.
    Hassan Azeem
    2:54pm on 5 Dec 19 Its very small, we want a bigger prayer space !!!!
    Samar Ahmad
    2:55pm on 5 Dec 19 We need a bigger prayer space ASAP
    Jalal Uddin
    3pm on 5 Dec 19 As a muslim, I have been inside the prayer room and it is very tight spaced in terms of how many people pray inside the prayer room. A bigger room would be extremely useful for us. Thank you.
    Rahma Hasan
    3:28pm on 5 Dec 19 It can get really full in there so sometimes its hard to find space to pray. Would be nice to have some more room
    Zara Majida Ahmed
    7:47am on 6 Dec 19 The prayer room is always packed out at the times of Salah, not only does it become difficult for both the females and males to pray, it also becomes a safety issue where the capacity is not enough for everyone to pray, as the rooms becomes overcrowded. The stress this causes upon students has been known to cause a rising issue in anxiety. The prayer has been prescribed so one can feel at peace, and a part of being able to establish this peace within the prayer is to have adequate space so one can feel peace within the mind. I find it hugely concerning and utterly dissatisfied with the efforts being put in by the university in order to grant us adequate space, shows that there is little concern for the Muslims on campus. The learning of students has also been affected due to waiting for people to finish praying, students have been attending lectures late missing out on key information.
    Zainb Fawaz Sattar
    8:36am on 6 Dec 19 The prayer room is too small and can usually become very overcrowded. As a results, it leaves no space for many people to pray at the time of prayer.
    Rabiat Arike Garba
    9:07am on 6 Dec 19 The Whitelands prayer room is too packed during Salah times and it is not spacious. Please we need a bigger room. Thank you.
    Zaynab Ahouiyek
    9:37am on 6 Dec 19 We often have to wait in turns to pray because there is not enough space to pray all at once.
    Kadar Abdulkadir Hassan
    10am on 6 Dec 19 Not enough space to pray
    Ayaan Maxamud Yusuf
    11:50am on 6 Dec 19 The prayer room facility is too small to facilitate all of Roehampton's Muslim students and it is their right to ask for a bigger space to accommodate all Muslim students. Voting for this would result in a drastic change in regards to spacing, so please vote x
    Mohamed Hussein Osman
    12:34pm on 6 Dec 19 The prayer room in Whitelands compared to other universities is simply and utterly disgraceful. It’s just insulting to see how we are being neglected (despite it being our right as we’re part of this university too). The room is overcrowded with no privacy to carry out basic religious duties, the ablution service is atrocious and student are being affected mentally as a result of this neglect. Prayer is supposed to be done with a peace of mind but the conditions of the room add to the stress that is prevalent due to studies. Frankly, if I’m being honest, this room resembles a prison. Furthermore as a disabled student, this room brings great difficulty for me physically as it’s very overcrowded. The room barely holds 20 people at a time.
    Guled Ali
    7:59pm on 6 Dec 19 Bigger room needed in white lands. It’s way too small for the amount of people who want to pray on campus. We would really appreciate if this issue is dealt with as soon as possible.
    Abdukadir Mohamed Wehliya
    8:24pm on 6 Dec 19 Common guys keep voting & commenting, the university need to hear us out. They’ve been neglecting us for so long, they've been ignoring us for years, but they cannot neglect & ignore hundreds of people voicing for the same thing, they’ll have to build us a much bigger prayer room that can cater all of us at once. Including better ablution facilities, we cannot always be booking rooms for prayers and Friday prayers, thats just ridiculous. We want our own big space, we are also part of this university !!!
    Kamran Maruf Hassan
    8:40pm on 6 Dec 19 Prayer room for Whitelands not big enough to facilitate everyone. Gets too crammed with just a handful of people in. Have heard that people are having to take turns to pray and others feel uncomfortable. Needs to change
    Yasmin Bashir Hussain
    8:52pm on 6 Dec 19 Prayer rooom in whitelands is tooo small that it becomes crammed and exhausting for students . Queues are formed to pray which I find disgusting not only does it cause stress for students . It also implies neglecting our basic human rights . Something needs to change ASAP !
    Tefani El Hassan
    9:02pm on 6 Dec 19 The prayer room is too small in whitelands, which becomes really difficult for people to pray. Students would have to wait for others to finish praying, so a bigger space would be really helpful
    Ahmed Hussain
    9:36pm on 6 Dec 19 We need a prayer room near or inside the library
    Ladan Ibrahim
    11:06pm on 6 Dec 19 We really need a bigger prayer room. It’s so uncomfortable waiting around when it’s overcrowded which it is majority of the time because the room cannot accommodate the amount of students that enter. In general, the ablution facility is appalling and the space is too small and constantly overcrowded. As a result, we are having to worry about whether there is space when we go for prayer and stand around waiting which is uncomfortable. At times we’re having to delay our prayers because it would be too packed to enter our prayer room. It’s not fair and it’s really affecting us and we’ve had enough, it’s time for change.
    Muzafar Khan
    11:40pm on 6 Dec 19 Bigger prayer room is needed to accommodate more people as it is very crowded
    Asmaa Abdirahim
    8:05am on 7 Dec 19 A suitable space would really help with this overcrowding.
    Mohammed Numan
    8:40am on 7 Dec 19 Most universities have a decent sized prayer room. Whitelands is the only campus that has such a tiny space. I am shocked at how nothing has been done as many ppl attend prayers but have to wait outside for others to leave !!!
    Mohammed Salad
    4:20pm on 9 Dec 19 Space is too small, we need a bigger space
    Abdul Wahab Abdisalam
    4:20pm on 9 Dec 19 Space is too small, we need a bigger prayer space in whitelands !!!
    Ghazalah Munib
    7:22pm on 9 Dec 19 We require larger facilities to pray congregational prayer or even our own prayers. With the current room, on the ladies side, barely four girls can say prayer at the same time, and with so many people needing to pray, it is difficult for everyone to get a chance to pray together. The point of praying Salat is to focus on our Creator and be grateful for the many blessing, but it is very hard to keep focus when you are squeeezed and start to feel very claustrophobic and panicky. I hope our concern is looked at and that we can find a good solution to our problem.
    Isatu Jalloh
    10:46am on 10 Dec 19 The room get so crowded that some of us have to wait outside to pray, which sometimes makes us late for our lectures.
    Marium Haider
    11:08am on 10 Dec 19 would like to have a larger space for all of us to pray together
    Hosna Sediqi
    11:45am on 10 Dec 19 the prayer room is too small and gets crowded. would be better for a larger space.
    Zahra Alinha Haghighi
    4:38pm on 10 Dec 19 prayer room is too small !!!! we need funding for isoc
    Sana Nashma Mughal
    11:19pm on 10 Dec 19 Please consider our request for a new prayer room! It would definitely help if we had bigger room to use. Thank you.
    Sana Siddique
    12:15am on 11 Dec 19 Compared to how many Muslim students & staff there are, the prayer rooms are too small. Besides going to pray, we need a space to go where we can relax and have time alone when we need it - e.g. someone who's got mental health, they need a safe and secure place besides going into a crowded room where everyone is on top of each other. Please do consider our request and allow us to have the facilities we need so we can benefit from them... not just for us but for future students too! Thank you
    Samia Jalali
    1:38am on 11 Dec 19 We really need a bigger and more spacious prayer room so it is comfortable for all the Muslim students and staff; you have to consider the fact that the room is too small to facilitate for both our brothers and sister in Islam. Praying is a very important part of our religion, it's the time when we connect and have a direct conversation with our Allah; being squeezed and being in an area so crowded just makes it that much harder to concentrate and connect with our Allah. These times are the most spiritual moment for all of us, it means a lot to us. So please hear our concerns and find the best solution for it. Most of us have chosen this uni because of how much the university values the students voice and makes this warm and comfortable uni environment, so please dont let us regret our decisions and help us out.



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