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Got an idea of how RSU could work better for students? 

You're the students, and the RSU is run by you, so tell the RSU what you want us to do and campaign on. 

All you have to do is submit your idea below, once submitted you have 2 weeks to first of all get 1% of the student population to vote on it (currently 80 students). Then secondly, 50% +1 of those who voted to vote in favour of your idea. Once you reach the required number of votes, SUC will review the idea and vote for it to become Policy of the RSU. It's that simple!!!

Once Policy, the RSU will campaign, lobby and if we can, enact your idea, to try to improve student life here at Roehampton.

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      I'm a fresher and when I went to bop for the very first time, I had so much fun until it was finished at 2 am. The party has just started and we all students had to leave Bop this early, it really ruins the whole Friday Night vibes. I think it would not be a big deal to make this club an hour longer and make it finish at 3 am. Bop technically starts at 11 pm or midnight, when there are a lot of people and it is crowdy which is good, so I pay to only spend 2/3 hrs of partying. I am sure every Roehampton student wishes to spend an hour longer at Bop, you will not only make us all happy and grateful but it will make Bop more popular and it will bring more students! Also, why not to make Infernos an hour longer! Thank you for reading my idea!
    Manoj Rai
    5:55pm on 9 Nov 19 This is a brilliant idea! I totally agree!
    Daniel Watts
    7:24pm on 10 Nov 19 Pretty sure they legally have to close at 2 and can’t serve drinks later. Also as roehampton is in a residential area they can’t party later than 2am due to noise restrictions :)
    Benjamin Thomas McInnes
    12:10pm on 12 Nov 19 why not come an hour earlier?



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