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Once Policy, the RSU will campaign, lobby and if we can, enact your idea, to try to improve student life here at Roehampton.

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    Lenient food rules in the library

      I was recently confronted by a librarian for having a subway sandwich on floor 1, where food is allowed, and told to either go to the cafeteria or leave. I understand some food can be smelly, but if I brought in my own homemade sandwich would I be told the same? The library is constantly busy and I don't understand why I should give up my seats to eat a sandwich that takes 5 minutes, on a floor where we are allowed to eat. It's not like I whacked out Nandos.
    Sdeem Abed
    4:26pm on 11 Oct 19 100% agree especially since alot of us are having to eat at the library after being there all day/night. It's unfair that we should have to sacrifice our seat and stop working over a sandwich???
    Rowan Elizabeth Ansty Heys Moreton
    7:25pm on 12 Oct 19 "If you want to eat, you'll need to head to the First Floor or Upper Ground Floor for cold snacks, and the Lower Ground Floor for hot food bought from our café. " According to the library website you are allowed COLD food on the first floor, so should be allowed salad, crisps, chocolate etc. Subway's however are hot which may have been the issue. In addition they say "If what you're eating disturbs other users (for example, foods that are smelly, greasy or noisy) we may ask you to move to another area or take it outside the Library." Which again is completely fair. Personally I think this is fine, you just have to make sure any food you bring is cold not hot or warm. They even provide vending machines to buy your snacks at.



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